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College Plan

***Highlighted in "25 iPad apps changing college prep" on bestcollegesonline.com*** Some students spend more time picking out their first car than choosing ...

Discontinued App


***Highlighted in "25 iPad apps changing college prep" on bestcollegesonline.com*** Some students spend more time picking out their first car than choosing a college. Don't be that person. Selecting your college is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Every aspect of your life going forward will be affected, including how your college education translates to real world earning. Don't “wing it”! This app guides you on a systematic, step by step evaluation process tailored to your unique lifestyle, geographic, academic and career criteria. Guesswork is eliminated, and the stress removed from what should a pleasant experience for both student and parent. The result is a list of “Best Colleges” similar to those in national publications, yet customized to your specific needs. We regularly upgrade modules and content based on feedback from our customers and network of educators. Development of the app was aided by input from parents, teachers, and counselors. This app is the perfect sanity check for the stressed out parents worried that they are forgetting something. A great place to keep everything you need to know during your college search journey. The app now has 5 different modules: College Ranking Module- This module provides the process to follow and links to the information you need to research and rank your colleges. It provides a step by step process along with links for you to gather information on each college. When complete, you will have your own "Best Colleges" list customized to your priorities and preferences. Preparing for College Calendar- With input from our nationwide network of counselors, teachers, parents and subscribers, we have an extensive list of targeted tasks that should be accomplished each month. This should help you know you are on task and can relax, or if you need to "step it up". We have recently added important dates and tasks for prospective college athletes. Scholarships- Links to the most effective and recommended sites for scholarship searches are at your fingertips. College Visit Questions- Often times important and/or tough questions are not asked during a college visit. We have some great questions divided up into the following categories: Admissions, Academics, Student Life, Safety, Facilities, and Job Placement. Helpful Links Module- Links to the most recommended sites (such as Parchment.com) are provided for ease of application to colleges.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 21.54 MB


Price: 4,75 €

Developed by Generally Bored Software

Day of release: 2010-06-21

Recommended age: 4+

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