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Looking for a college or university for yourself or your kid(s)? Curious about college costs, enrollment, SAT scores? Use our app to search our database ...

Discontinued App


Looking for a college or university for yourself or your kid(s)? Curious about college costs, enrollment, SAT scores? Use our app to search our database of over 3,000 four-year and two-year accredited colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Search by region, state, location (nearby or any specified location), or by (any part of) the school name. View national avg costs. Control search parameters on the Options page: public/private, cost, enrollment, SAT/ACT avg scores, campus setting. For example, search for private schools in the Southwest with cost below $35,000 and with enrollment under 2,500, and avg SAT Math score (admitting class) of at least 520. On the detailed search results for a college, we show the following (*if it's applicable to the college and we have it in our database): - Full name - City/state of campus - *Year founded - Public/Private - Two or Four year - *Campus setting (Major City, City, Urban, Suburban, Town, Rural) - *Undergrad enrollment - *percent minorities (incoming class) - *Male/Female ratio - *Student/faculty ratio - *Acceptance rate (percent of applicants that are accepted) - *Yield rate (percent of accepted applicants that enroll) - *Graduation rates (percent that graduate within 4 and 6 years) - Costs: Tuition (in-state and out-of-state, for public schools), room & board, plus mandatory fees, and Total (in-state for public schools) - *Financial Aid: percent receiving grants/scholarships and avg amount received - *SAT scores (verbal, math, written) - 25th and 75th percentile and/or average scores - *ACT scores (verbal, math, written) - Button for campus map in Maps app, with map/sat/hybrid display options, zoom controls, and Directions button provides directions to campus from your current position - *Link to the college web site - *One-click buttons for email and/or phone number for direct contact with school's Admissions or Administration dep't Our search options screen allows you to set the following search limits: - Public only, private only, or both - Min and/or max cost - Min and/or max enrollment - Min and/or max SAT/ACT average scores - Campus setting These search options are retained indefinitely (across app restarts). A separate Settings screen allows you to specify two-year vs. four-year schools. Our Recent (or Favorites) screen shows the 50 most recent schools you've looked up; "lock in" your favorites by tapping the lock icon. Fun random search feature - shake your phone on the Location screen to have the app pick a random school based on your current Options settings. ***Important Notes*** The application requires a network connection in order to query our database of schools. We maintain our own database for approximately 3,500 Title IV accredited college-level schools, and update the cost data on an ongoing basis. During any given school year, we have the most current school year's costs for a high percentage of colleges and universities. Some schools do not publish their new cost figures until well into the school year, and in some cases we rely on government cost databases where the data may be a year behind. The app shows the school year that the cost data represents for each school. Some schools' cost data varies by degree program or other criteria, so we try to be consistent in the way we collect and present the cost data. The rest of our data is updated from a variety of sources and may not be the most current, but this data does not tend to change as frequently at the schools. This application and information in it is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for tax, financial, or college selection decisions. We do not guarantee the accuracy or currency of the data presented in this application. We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions. Please email us at mobileapps_support@archimedes.com.


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