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The Official Collins Portuguese-English Dictionary • One of the most comprehensive Portuguese dictionaries on iTunes • Contains over 244,000 headwords, ...

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The Official Collins Portuguese-English Dictionary - One of the most comprehensive Portuguese dictionaries on iTunes - Contains over 244,000 headwords, expressions and translations - Thousands of examples and grammar notes - No internet connection needed. Collins is the leading publisher of bilingual English dictionaries in the world and top in its field in terms of dictionary making know-how. Its dedicated team of lexicographers makes use of a vast array of language data to compile up-to-date dictionaries with a wealth of examples and grammatical information. The word definitions are written specifically to enable language users to know how and when to best use a particular word. This app contains the full version of the Collins Concise Portuguese Dictionary, 4th edition, 2010. Imagine carrying the most comprehensive, high-quality Portuguese-English dictionary in your pocket! Dictionary features include: - an enormous comprehensive two way English-Portuguese dictionary perfectly suited to beginner and advanced learners as well as professional translators of both English and Portuguese. - 51,000 headwords, 83,000 phrases and compounds and an incredible 110,000 translations. - clearly presented word entries with a wealth of phrases and examples. - updated to cover the latest vocabulary in Portuguese and English including literary and technical language to slang. - an abundance of grammatical information is included - entries list irregular verb and nouns forms in English, gender of nouns in Portuguese, part of speech of Portuguese and English words, verb transitivity of verbs: transitive, intransitive or reflexive. - all English headwords are annotated with their pronunciation in the IPA phonetic alphabet. - search results are narrowed down as you type your look-up word. - listen to Portuguese and British pronunciation of words using DioDict's text-to-speech engine. - input words using either the standard keyboard or built-in handwriting recognition software. - no internet connection necessary to use dictionary. - supports iOS 3.1 and higher including Retina display and multitasking. --Search Features-- - wildcard search: enter “?” or “*” in place of a letter when you are unsure of the spelling (e.g., “man*ver” retrieves the word “maneuver”). - browse through the dictionary alphabetically or flip from one entry to the next with a flick of a finger. --Vocab Revision-- - history menu lists all your recent word searches. - save words and expressions to any number of flashcard folders. - mark words in your flashcard folder which you still need to memorize. --DioDict dictionary engine for iPhone-- DioDict is the number one brand in mobile phone dictionary software market. A dedicated team of over 100 developers, planners and quality control specialists work together to create high quality software using the latest language technology. Our dictionaries are tested thoroughly before release and are pre-installed on a large range of mobile phones old and new, including Samsung and LG smartphones.


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