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Colonial Williamsburg´s Explorer

Download Colonial Williamsburg`s free mobile map app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This interactive guide to the Colonial Williamsburg Resort ...

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Download Colonial Williamsburg’s free mobile map app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This interactive guide to the Colonial Williamsburg Resort and “The Revolutionary City” will help you search, find, and locate everything you need to make the most of your visit to this historic destination located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Access the “Sites” panel within the map app to customize your experience by showing and hiding locations throughout the city: - Discover more than 40 Historic Sites, including 19 Trade Shops ranging from Apothecaries and Blacksmiths to Wheelwrights and Wigmakers - Choose from more than a dozen restaurants and taverns and more than 20 modern and historic stores - Enjoy the three Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg and a variety of performance, theatrical, and event venues - Find your way around “The Revolutionary City” with clearly labeled parking lots, details on where to buy tickets and passes, locations with information desks, and where to find the shuttle bus stops You can also use Colonial Williamsburg’s Explorer map to take a self-guided tour of the town. Simply Select the “Tours” panel and choose your own adventure. Pick from a variety of preloaded walking tours that guide you based on your interests. With this map, you’ll never lose your way! Simply activate the “Locate” feature and your position appears directly on the map to help you find nearby things to do and the location of the historic site, trade, hotel, inn, museum, shop, restaurant, spa ,or golf course of your choice. Start your journey at the Colonial Williamsburg Regional Visitor Center where you can purchase admission tickets, your Citizen Passport to “The Revolutionary City.”


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