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Color Domino HD

A singular characteristic of colours is that they are able to mix with one another and thus new colours are born. The unique creation of the colour domino ...

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A singular characteristic of colours is that they are able to mix with one another and thus new colours are born. The unique creation of the colour domino exploits this unique characteristic of colours. We can engage with the excitement of a game where we can experience the magic colours of Mother Nature. Apart from being able to digitally ’mix’ the colours ourselves, we can compete with fortune as it is the stack of the game which distributes the cards which have to be fitted to each other according to the rules of the domino game. Here the rules of matching are the matching of the colours. The colour domino is a true intellectual adventure, and at the same time it teaches us by entertaining us: we can get to know what kind of mixed colours can be created by mixing the primary colours of blue, yellow and red. On a higher level we can experience the world of pastel colours: these are primary colours mixed with white. The greates challenge is to bring the secondary mixed colours into the game: here fitting the colours produced by mixing the three painting buttons has to be solved. To defeat the programme, you have to use the domino tiles well so that they should be used up before the stack. The Mixing of Colours ------------------- If we are lucky enough after a summer storm, we can observe a rainbow which has six colours, one colour nicely overlapping the other, these are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. This phenomenon has always fascinated mankind with its incredible array of colours. Based on Isaac Newton’s experiment some Cambridge students discovered in 1666 how a rainbow forms from white and how light becames as they said ’the colourful portrait of the Sun’ In a darkened room a prism or a small glass pyramid was placed in front of the light which sifted through a hole of the window shutters. The light entered this object and it was then projected on the wall. Then the second prism was placed upside down with the peak of the pyramid facing downwards in a way that it allowed the many- coloured light to pass through it. Then it was discovered that instead of the rainbow the colour white appeared again. The world of colours helps us to orientate in all walks of life and the experiences, customs and information relating colours have accompanied mankind since the beginnings of time. It is no wonder that man has always been eager to depict this colourful world perceived by the eyes. When we paint, we can experience that after a time our paint water becomes greyish as the many colours wash out in the water from the paintbrush. If we wash our yellow brush in the previously blue water then the water turns green. If the original colour was red, then we get orange with the yellow paintbrush. Colours can be marvellously mixed creating newer and newer shades of colour. In the middle of the colour circle red, yellow and blue are to be found which are the main or primary colours. Towards the edges of the circle we can find a new palette of colours which were mixed with the previous colours and these are primary colours: orange, lilac and green. Outside the circle the so-called clean colours can be found. Red, yellow, blue and green were already marked by different names in ancient times, therefore these are also called ancient colours. Black, white and grey are called neutral colours. If you mix colours with white, then you receive lighter, less distinct colours: the pastel colours. The use of these colours is characteristic mainly of northern countries, while fiery, full colours are typical of the Southern hemisphere.


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