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A one-of-a-kind educational app for kids ages 2-6+ that uses the camera to send kids on an active treasure hunt for Pete`s lost colors in their ...

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A one-of-a-kind educational app for kids ages 2-6+ that uses the camera to send kids on an active treasure hunt for Pete’s lost colors in their own home environment. Children learn colors in English, French and Spanish as they find and give Pete the Pirate Parrot his colors back. The game starts with Pete the Pirate Parrot missing all his colors. The child helps Pete get them back by hunting for requested colors using the camera. Once the child finds what they think is the correctly colored object, they press the screen. If correct, they get a reward by adding that color to Pete. Their pirate friend can be colored differently each time the game is played. It’s all up to the child’s imagination... This app gets kids moving and teaches the names of 10 different colors in English, French and Spanish. The game can be set for different degrees of difficulty - for toddlers to older children. The color bar visual clue can be turned off. The audio can be also turned off to develop reading skills. Pete the Pirate Parrot has lost his colors and needs them back. Can you help him out Features: - 10 Colors - 3 Languages (English, French, Spanish) - Varying levels of difficulty to suit different age groups (2-6+) - Audio on/off controls to facilitate reading of colors rather than listening ========================================= ".... What better way to teach children about colors than to allow them to look for the colors where they are? It’s an active app that requires children to move around and look for objects with the specific colors. ... I like that the app also encourages creativity by allowing users to color the picture of Pete any way they want to. The app also contains child-safe buttons like the exit button or settings button so they do not accidentally push them." - Review, “Katie knows all the Spanish from Color Me Pete now!” - Jenny R, Vancouver, BC, Canada “My son is almost 7 and he did the Spanish version with color bar on and then asked for the French version as well.” - Cheryl C, NY, USA “Color Me Pete was great for keeping Katie (4) occupied for quite a while at the airport.” - Jenny R, Vancouver, BC, Canada “The game is “interactive in our own house….And more importantly maybe that it “was not a game where they sit on their butts .. It’s ACTIVE and forces them to move.” - Samantha B, BC, Canada "My toddler, Liam (2) loves repeating the Spanish sounds and figured out how to use Pete right away without any help! He loves running around and hunting for colors in his toy room." - Chris P, Saskatchewan, Canada


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Version: 1.0.1

Size: 2.97 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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