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Celebrate Children Apps - Koala Box HD now available on the App Store. Children Apps - Koala Box HD Download URL: Children Apps ...

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Celebrate Children Apps - Koala Box HD now available on the App Store. Children Apps - Koala Box HD Download URL: Children Apps - Koala Box, an innovative and useful utility, re-classifies all children-related apps on the Apple App Store. It can help parents and children find suitable apps easily and quickly. 儿童应用大全 - 考拉盒子 是首款专门为家长及儿童设计的非常实用的应用分类、搜索、导航软件, 通过考拉盒子, 家长及儿童能够快速、便捷的找到合适的精品教育应用。 儿童应用大全 - 考拉盒子下载地址: ***ColorABC Deluxe HD Free version is available now*** ColorABC Deluxe HD Free is the free version of ColorABC Deluxe HD which has been **Top 1 of US store and China store **Top 10 over 13 stores ColorABC Deluxe HD Free is an amazing app which you can learn and play with your kids. You can teach your children to learn different colors, include how to read and write the words. At the same time, you can let your children paint the cartoon cartoon characters with his/her imagination. In learn mode, your kids can study common colors from the question/answer and learn how to read it. In paint mode, we supply 5 for free and 25 more paintings need IAP. You can let kids paint with most used colors, they can paint different kinds of colorful animals. There is no right or wrong, everything depends on the children's imagination.Your children also can save their paintings in iPad album, it can browsed easily. You can also print them out, it will be the most exciting things for your children. "Very interesting toy, i can't believe my little son can draw different colored animals. " - Sue **FEATURES**: - Two mode: Learn and Paint - Learn 14 colors and pronunciation - 6 paintings for free and you can get 30 more if you wants(In App Purchase) - Recognize animals during painting. - Cartoon style with active animals We are focus on kids education and will develop more great apps in the near future. We also have some free app for kids education, please visit to have a try! Your comments and support its the best thing for us!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 14.86 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Wuxi Haohai Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Day of release: 2011-03-24

Recommended age: 4+

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