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Comics in the Classroom: School Edition 1

One of the Guardian’s Top 50 Apps for Kids 2013, Comics in the Classroom is now available in a new edition specifically designed for use in schools. Our ...

Discontinued App


One of the Guardian’s Top 50 Apps for Kids 2013, Comics in the Classroom is now available in a new edition specifically designed for use in schools. Our interactive, educational comics allow pupils to learn about history’s key figures and events in a way that will keep them utterly engaged and teachers completely informed of every individual’s progress. This brand new iPad App is unlike any other learning tool on the market and represents genuine innovation in educational resources. Features for pupils - Captures the appeal of comics to engage and educate. - Fully researched historical content. - Written by the author of some of England’s most popular secondary school history textbooks. - “Read along” narration feature to aid literacy and improve access to knowledge. - Visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners are all genuinely catered for. - Free extended learning web activities and downloadable summative assessment based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Benefits for teachers - Bonus features to extend chronological understanding and reinforce literacy skills. - Requires users to demonstrate their understanding by “unlocking” the comic. - Genuinely independent learning - designed for use both inside and outside of the classroom. - Engaging, imaginative educationally robust formative assessment. - Free downloadable PowerPoint presentations containing Learning Outcomes and class instructions. - Free downloadable mark schemes for Bloom’s based assessment. Includes 6 interactive comics - The Attack on Pearl Harbor - The Archduke and the Black Hand Gang - The Murder of Thomas Becket - The Dambusters - Jack the Ripper - Billy the Kid The six titles teach the who, what, where, when and how of a variety of key figures and events from British and World History. All topics covered either adhere to England’s new Key Stage 3 National Curriculum or feature in popular KS4 syllabuses. Each comic is of the highest commercial quality and illustrated by a different artist to create a variety of graphic styles. User Experience These may be comics, but they’re not like any you’ve seen before. You don’t just see how things unfold - you get involved! First, hear how it happened. Then see the stunning comic images bring it to life - but what goes in the bubbles is down to you. Find the right words and unlock your understanding! Hear how the famous events of history unfold with our literacy-boosting read-along feature. Written by the author of several of Britain’s most popular Secondary School History text books, it will equip you with all you need for the comic challenges ahead. Quickly progress to the stunning visuals of the comic and start putting your new-found knowledge to use. Double tap on the first panel to zoom in. Then tap the empty bubbles, review your options and make your choice. Swipe to the next panel and once all four action-packed pages have been completed and the story has reached its climax, discover how historically accurate you’ve been. Are you going to be judged an historical authority? Or are there still gaps in your knowledge to fill? Quotes Chris Stotts - History Teacher - “Having taught History in both Canada and the UK for many years, I have yet to find a learning resource that so instantly engages an entire class of young people. I’ve not seen anything else on the market like it, it is genuinely innovative and has fired the imagination of my pupils” Mike Steven - Director of Learning, Hillcrest School, Dudley, UK - “This app allows young people to learn about History in a truly independent way. It also allows me instantly gauge who has achieved their Learning Outcomes and who needs more time. It’s something I’d recommend to any teacher, parent or anybody interested in learning about History’s great events.”


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 271.18 MB


Price: 7,13 €

Developed by Comics In The Classroom Ltd

Day of release: 2013-09-13

Recommended age: 12+

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