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Free for first 31 days! Then AUD $4.45 for a 31 day extension, or AUD $12.49 for a 90 day extension. This application helps insurance brokers based ...

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Free for first 31 days! Then AUD $4.45 for a 31 day extension, or AUD $12.49 for a 90 day extension. This application helps insurance brokers based in Australia present and illustrate CommInsure life insurance products to their clients. It instantly generates premiums and product features for all of CommInsure’s insurance products, including Life, Critical Illness, Disability and Income Protection insurance. This app has been developed by Omnium, a specialist life insurance software development firm based in Australia. Omnium has developed and currently maintains advanced mobile applications for life insurance illustrations in the Australian and UK markets. Our apps are currently being used by over 5000 brokers worldwide. If you would like to learn more about how Omnium can help create customised mobile apps for your insurance company or broker group, please contact us. Email: sales@omnium.com.au Phone: +61288503071 Website: www.omnium.com.au Omnium is an Australian Risk Insurance research/technology firm with allowed access to CommInsure's Life Insurance rates and product information. This app uses real and up to date premiums and product research for CommInsure's Insurance products. This is not however an official app made by CommInsure. Simply enter a few details, select the cover type you desire and be amazed at how quickly the application generates a premium for you. This application gives you premiums from CommInsure products for all the following cover types: Life Cover Total and Permanent Disability Trauma Income Protection The premiums for CommInsure displayed in this app are provided by Australian risk research house Omnium. This app is essentially just a breakout of the CommInsure premium calculations from Omnium’s more comprehensive comparator applications. Please note the premiums displayed in this app are for Australia only. If you wished to make premium quotes from a range of different insurers in one app please download our comprehensive app, by searching ‘comprehensive life insurance’. *Since 2002 Omnium has been an industry recognised research and technology provider dedicated to providing innovative and independent research software for Australia’s life insurance industry. To find out more please visit our website. **As premium rates are constantly updated, you will need to renew your subscription after 31 from the first quote. If you wish to renew the application after 31 days, it will cost you AUD $4.99.


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