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Common English Constitution of the United States of America

Finely we can all read the Constitution of the United States without having to have a dictionary, and the need to re-read every other section because ...

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Finely we can all read the Constitution of the United States without having to have a dictionary, and the need to re-read every other section because we didn’t understand it. Do the majority of US Citizens alive today actually understand their own constitution? Now they can by just reading it. How many people do you believe have even read it all the way through, let alone understood it? I doubt most people have even attempted, but now everyone can easily read and understand the entirety of the Constitution of the United States from start to finish while understanding it, as it is written in everyday common American English for the average citizen. This version opens a door to allow youth and people of all ages to more easily understand their rights and a foundation that connects us all. Even children will be able to read this version as they grow up, and our hope is that this will lead to more citizen engagement and understanding of our country. Without this version, less and less people would read or understand the Constitution as time goes on and our language continues to evolve from when our original constitution was written. Eventually this version too will be less understood and will need to be revised for future generations. This Common Citizen’s Version of the Constitution simply translates the original 18th Century Constitution of the United States, into an easy to read version for everyone today. Now you don’t have to be a law expert to know what it means, or look up the meaning of each section. In fact, it is now possible to read the entire constitution all the way through without stopping, and understand it. We use simple language that anyone can understand without research, which provides a simple reading experience with understanding. We have removed any reference to past dates and clauses that don’t pertain to today and only left information that was currently applicable to the Constitution as if it had been written today. Do you, or anyone for that matter, really want to have to read about slavery every time you look at the constitution? Although there is still a few mentions of slavery being illegal, all references to slaves and their lack of equality has been removed. Additionally, all amendments have been added into the constitution where they would best fit. This version also tries to keep the order of the original Constitution as best as possible, which is why the Bill of Rights is at the end, and not the beginning. In no way is this version to replace the original meaning our founding members intended. This version has no baring or legal applicability to constitutional law. This version is not to be substituted for as a legal Constitution, and should not be used as a legal reference for advice. Please consult the original Constitution, and a lawyer for legal advice. We would like to see this version of the US Constitution to continue evolving and become even easier to read for everyone. If you have ideas on how it can become even simpler, or to improve vocabulary or headings used, please email us at 2@bjc.in, and we will make updates for future versions. A lot of work has gone into creating this Citizen’s Version of the US Constitution, and so it is appropriate that compensation and copyright is attributed to this work. But because this is based on a public document, we do give permission to to make changes and use this text for individual purposes. Also you can email us and get a link to a free version online that consist of the track changes from the original constitution so that all this material is available publicly. You just have to buy the convenient app, which is all perfectly packaged for you.


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