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Cómo Dibujar: Altas Muñecas Monstruo para iPhone

For all Monster High is fashion dolls fans! The great way to draw your favourite characters with the help of our app! In this application you will ...

Discontinued App


For all Monster High is fashion dolls fans! The great way to draw your favourite characters with the help of our app! In this application you will find a step-by-step instructions how to draw dolls monster high. Pro Version Features: - No AD Banners and advertisement - Additional 9 pictures to draw ! Draw Monsterhigh yourself, tell your friends and teach your sister. Each drawing divided in 20 to 40 steps, and its easy to follow. Have fun with this lessons at home, in school, on paper, chalk on asphalt - do it everywhere! 17 Monster High toys drawing tutorials In our application you will find lessons that will teach you how to draw: - Frankie Stein - Draculaura - Clawdeen Wolf - Lagoona Blue - Cleo de Nile - Ghoulia Yelps - Abbey Bominable - Spectra Vondergeist - Operetta - Deuce Gorgon - Holt Hyde - Jackson Jekyll - David Flames - Chibi Draculaura - Venus mcFlyTrap - Howleen Wolf - Monster High Symbol - Monster High Logo Short review of Monster High dolls you will draw in our application: - Draculaura is the adopted daughter of Count Dracula. She was at first 1,599 (15 in American years) years old when the franchise began, but eventually turned 1,600 with a doll line dedicated to her birthday. Draculaura is a vegan vampire who abstains from drinking blood and eating meat; in fact, the mere mention of the word "blood" or just seeing a piece of meat causes her to faint. - Frankie Stein is the 15-day-old daughter of Frankenstein and his bride. She has waist-length black and white hair and has heterochromia (her right eye is blue and her left one is green). Frankie's fashion style is preppy, which usually revolves mostly around plaid prints (including lightning bolts) and schoolgirl style. In "Miss Infearmation," Frankie has developed a crush on Jackson, unconcerned that he is a normie. However, in the next episode, "Hyde and Shriek," she is blushing near Holt. After the stress both Holt and Jackson placed on her after they learned that they are, in fact, the same person, Frankie has placed her relationship with both on pause. - Cleo de Nile is the daughter of the Mummy. She is 5,842 years old. Her clothing motif typically involves wrappings and streaks of real gold in her hair. Cleo took over as fearleading captain when her older sister, Nefera, graduated. Cleo does not get along with Nefera because Nefera uses every opportunity she can to humiliate her younger sister. Cleo is considered spoiled rotten, but will always help her friends, if necessary. Cleo does have a heart, but hides it behind her popularity Cleo is also the tallest ghoul out of her main group of friends. - Deuce Gorgon is the son of the gorgon Medusa. Like his mother, he has snakes for hair, which he styles in a "snakehawk". He is 16 years old and hopes to get his driver's license soon. He is a member of the casketball team. He also loves to cook and is quite a skilled chef, but he is too self-conscious to showcase his culinary ability to anyone. Deuce inherited his mother's ability to turn people into stone, though he has been able to control the effect so that it lasts for only about 24 hours. - Clawdeen Wolf is the daughter of The Werewolf. She is fifteen years old and comes from a rather large family. She also calls herself “The Alpha Wolf Of Style”. Her best friends are Frankie Stein and Draculaura (whose father sometimes objects when Clawdeen visits her). Clawdeen complains about her younger sister Howleen (with whom she shares a bunk bed) because Howleen is constantly chewing on her shoes, borrowing her clothes, and wiping her nose on her jackets. and many more....


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