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***** Teachers and Students control their own content by creating specific lessons ***** You can use images and text ***** So Easy to Use ***** ---- ...

Discontinued App


***** Teachers and Students control their own content by creating specific lessons ***** You can use images and text ***** So Easy to Use ***** ---- Please post a review so we can find out how we are doing or contact us directly through our website ---- Compare a Twist is an engaging interactive lesson platform that allows learners to leverage learning through the personalized creation of compare and contrast activities. Feature Summary: * Create your own lessons! * Comes bundled with 6 built-in lessons! * Lessons can be imported from the internet! * Supports sharing of lessons via email. * Allows students to hand in results via email. * Infinitely extensible. * Allows the use of either images or text. As educators, we utilize compare and contrast lessons on a daily basis. They are essential activities that ask learners to think about how things are alike and different. Now, with Compare a Twist, we can create lessons quickly and easily that are engaging for students and provide immediate feedback and results about their learning. While Compare a Twist provides initial lessons as creative examples, the real power of Compare a Twist is that it allows learners to create their own lessons within the app and share these lessons with other learners. Additionally, users can create lessons within the stand alone Mac application that can be downloaded at http://www.appofapproval.us for free. App of Approval also hosts exemplary lessons for all to download as needed. Compare and contrast lessons can be utilized in every curriculum and every subject. Art: Which of the following are primary colors? Language Arts: Which of the descriptors matches the main character? Math: What addition problems add up to 10? Can you classify different angles? Music: Which music represents different styles, periods, cultures, composers, and performers? Science: Which of the traits is found within mammals? Social Studies: Which of the following were Presidents of the United States? While teachers can use the app for assessment and ongoing knowledge checks, the real power of the app is in the customization of the activity. Learners can create these lessons on their own and then have discussions as to why they categorized the information the way they did. The lesson applications and possibilities are endless when you provide the users the ability to create their own lesson and content.


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