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ComparePro: easily compare word documents

The most convenient way to compare and review Word documents using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. ............... “Great for quickly comparing edits ...

Discontinued App


The most convenient way to compare and review Word documents using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. ............... “Great for quickly comparing edits made to legal documents while on the go! Prevents me from having to run back to the office just to see changes made to a document.” - Big Law Associate ............... Create the first 2 document comparisons using ComparePro for FREE before upgrading to the premium version for UNLIMITED comparisons for a special introductory price of only $2.99! Download and upgrade before this special offer expires! ............... ComparePro is a powerful, professional-quality app that allows you to quickly and efficiently compare the text in two different MS Word documents sent to you by email by generating a comparison or redline document identifying any inserted, deleted and even moved text in easy-to-spot colors. ComparePro also has a built in user-friendly document management system allowing you to save documents to your iOS devices and email saved comparisons in MS Word format to others all within the app. ComparePro runs locally on your device so no internet connection is required to generate comparisons. ComparePro is perfect for comparing changes made to legal documents, programming code and much more! Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPhone5 and iPod Touch running iOS 4.3 or higher. ............... “Super cheap yet helpful for quickly and easily figuring out changes made to programming code! I highly recommend it!” - Software Programmer +++++Compare in 4 Easy Steps+++++ 1. Import your document to ComparePro from your device’s native Email. 2. Select, view and confirm your base and modified documents. 3. Press “Compare” and PRESTO! A comparison is generated. 4. View, send and save your comparison all within ComparePro. Try it out today using the sample base and modified documents included in the app! Exclusive Features: ----------------------------- ... State-of-the-Art Comparisons…ComparePro is the ONLY mobile document comparison app on the market. Period. ... Rapid Arrows…our intuitive arrows allows you to easily jump between changes within a document. ... Changes Summary…get a detailed summary of changes made to the base document - all within a glance. ... Handy Documents…our proprietary document management system allows you to view, save, and delete comparisons and other documents all within ComparePro. ... Sharp Look…quickly review and confirm documents you wish to compare through the integrated document viewer. ... Quick Email…save time by personalizing your own template email messages. (see Settings menu) ... Smart Attachments…automatically attach your comparison and modified document when emailing a comparison document to others. ... AutoSave…automatically save your comparisons to your device. (see Settings menu) ............... “ComparePro is a truly fantastic app! It anticipates my workflow and has several neat features that make it intuitive and a joy to use. The attention to detail here is phenomenal!” - Big Law Partner For questions, feedback or bug reports, send an email to compare@apposauce.com. ......ComparePro is made with love and care by professionals for professionals!......


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Version: Version 1.1

Size: 5.99 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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