Complete MRCS Part B Revision

"Complete MRCS Part B Revision" is the first definitive authoritative app designed specifically for the new format Intercollegiate Membership to the Royal ...

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"Complete MRCS Part B Revision" is the first definitive authoritative app designed specifically for the new format Intercollegiate Membership to the Royal College of Surgeons Part B examination (iMRCS). Imagine a study partner that asks you the exact questions that are asked in the real MRCS part B examination, that provides a mark scheme for clinical examinations and definitive guidance for the communication skills and viva stations. Now you can revise at any opportunity. If you have 5 minutes between ward rounds or whilst on the way into work don't let it go to waste! This app will ensure that your revision is focused on the most commonly asked subject matter to avoid time wastage. "Complete MRCS Part B Revision" provides complete subject coverage in an intuitive format that mirrors the stations in the iMRCS Part B. It is fully mapped to the iMRCS part B syllabus and contains thousands of questions to provide thorough anatomy, viva, clinical examination and communication skills practice. Throughout the App you will find useful inside guidance with tips and mnemonics to improve your recall of the subject matter and ensure you maximise your score. Contents include: 1. MRCS exam format - inside information and explanation of the breakdown of the iMRCS examination stations. 2. Anatomy (Neuroscience, Head & Neck, Trunk & Thorax and Limbs & Spine). Includes thousands of the most commonly asked questions! 3. Examination mark schemes (Cranial Nerves, Upper Limb Nerves, Lower Limb Nerves, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Abdominal, Joints - Hand, Hip, Knee, Spine, Shoulder, Arterial, Venous and Lumps and Bumps - Breast, Stoma, Hernia and Skin lesion). With a timer, mark scheme, post-examination questions and common stations list 4.Vivas (Critical Care, Pathology, Operative Technique, Patient Safety and Post-operative management) 5. Communication skills stations (Breaking bad news, Angry relative, Explanation, Telephone calls, Taking / Making referrals, Consent, Depression and Health Care Professionals) 6. Credits The question banks are continuously expanded and revised to ensure you get the best selection of questions to accurately replicate the examination at no extra cost. Disclaimer: The authors of this App do not claim nor imply any affiliation to the Royal college of surgeons.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 2.58 MB


Price: 13,45 €

Developed by Vejay Vakharia

Day of release: 2012-12-8

Recommended age: 12+

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