Compoundee is the best compound interest calculator for the iPhone. Solving compound interest, annuity, and time value of money problems is easy with ...

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Compoundee is the best compound interest calculator for the iPhone. Solving compound interest, annuity, and time value of money problems is easy with Compoundee! Use this financial calculator for your savings and investments to see how much money you’re going to make, or change variables to figure out what you need to achieve a goal. You don’t have to be a financial whiz to use it, either. You have a financial goal in mind; you know where you want to be in order to retire early. Unfortunately, you’re just not sure if your initial investment is enough to get you there. When you have Compoundee on your iPhone, those types of questions are answered. In no time at all, you’ll have the answer to how much an investment will be worth over a specific period of time, know what the necessary rate would be and the amount to make your periodic deposits in order to reach your time and money goals. You would think that a calculator that handles complex equations like these would be difficult to use but it’s not. The app’s interface is super simple, very user-friendly. No previous exposure to financial calculations is necessary to put Compundee to work for you. Everyone can take advantage of what this application has to offer. Very quickly and easily, you will have your compound interest, annuity, and time value of money (TVOM) equations solved for your savings and investments. Amortized interest totals per period, inflation and tax amounts, it’s all here. You can email your calculations to your accountant, spouse, investment broker – whoever you want. Check out the important features you get when you download Compoundee: • Clean, user-friendly interface • Solve for any of 5 different investment variables • Compound daily, quarterly, annually, & more • Periodic deposits or withdrawals • Inflation and tax adjusted amounts • Amortization shows per period interest • Account for extra annual deposits • Specify deposits at beginning or end of period • History of most recent entries for each input • Send calculations through email • Bookmark saved calculations for easy retrieval • See all your results in itemized detail • Two day-counting options • Offline user guide built right into the app. • Supports extremely large values • Supports long durations (thousands of years) • Doubles as a loan-payment calculator (select deposits tab; enter total as 0) • Passode lock with Touch ID • See results as you type • Optional number pad for input • Native iPad interface That early retirement may be closer than you think. Download Compoundee onto your iPhone now to find out.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.1.1

Size: 5.5 MB


Price: 2,82 €

Developed by GoodHumans

Day of release: 2008-10-11

Recommended age: 4+

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