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Would you like to have fun, while testing your knowledge of Microeconomics. Would you like to strengthen and reinforce your understanding of concepts, ...

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Would you like to have fun, while testing your knowledge of Microeconomics. Would you like to strengthen and reinforce your understanding of concepts, ideas, people and facts of Microeconomics. Are you a student, teacher or just curious about Microeconomics. Then, this game on Microeconomics is for you. The objective of the game is to use the shortest number of steps possible to get to an end concept from a starting concept. Sounds simple enough… but is it really that easy, give it a try. At each stage, you will be offered a set of choices, select the one that seem most appropriate to take you to the end concept. Tap once to select and a second time to confirm and move to the next stage. If you dont know off a particular concept, tap on it once and then hit the ‘Learn’ button to read more about that topic. Play different levels of the game (Easy, Medium, Difficult) to challenge yourself, and win points and progress through achievements. Some of the examples of starting and ending concepts are - Variable cost Price elasticity of demand Productivity Bilateral monopoly Economic discrimination Production–possibility frontier Rational choice theory Perfect competition Cost of production theory of value Natural monopoly Demand curve Consumer choice Marginal utility Derived demand Free market Profit International trade Market system Wage Friedrich Engels Protectionism Long run and short run Supply and demand Human capital Public sector Factors of production Barriers to entry Pricing Cost curve Marginal product Economic inequality Marginal cost Marginal profit Oligopoly Opportunity cost Fixed cost Real versus nominal value Income–consumption curve Indifference curve Poverty threshold Revenue Budget constraint Standard of living Shareholder Sunk costs Total cost Aggregate demand Balance of trade Production theory Capital account Current account Capital good Coase theorem Exchange rate Balance of payments Price support Productive efficiency Exchange rate Foreign direct investment Partial equilibrium Government spending Great Depression Implicit cost Personal income Barter Oligopsony Public interest theory Joseph Schumpeter Economic surplus Bertrand competition Cournot competition ... and many more This game is free to download and to get you started, you also get 49 coins for Free. You may buy additional credits within the app (in app purchases). We may also get gifts of credit through push notifications, so please accept to receive push notifications. The game is for anyone with a passing interest in Microeconomics - enthusiasts, students, teachers, parents, here are some usage scenarios for you. * As a student of Microeconomics, play the game as a way to revise your knowledge and understanding. * As a parent, play the game with your children, talk thru the choices and make a team choice. Make this a way to spending quality time with your children, without seeming like homework time. * As a teacher, set the starting point to the new topic at hand and the end point as a topic already discussed and play the game for the first few minutes of the class. This could help in keeping the interest and attention level of the class going. * As a teacher, discover and initiate fun learning exercises * As someone interested in Microeconomics, discover interesting connections, that you didn't know existed and challenge yourself to find new ones. * If you are taking a Microeconomics exam, any time soon, you could try out the game as a revision mechanism * If you are reading any book on Microeconomics, you could use the game as a reinforcement to your reading. They say that, everything in the world is connected. Can you see the connections? Play the game to start seeing obvious and not so obvious connections. They also say that, the wise see connections that others don't. Explore Microeconomics and start getting wiser, now. Enjoy.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 6.88 MB


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Developed by Ramachandra Hegde

Day of release: 2013-06-21

Recommended age: 4+

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