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Now updated with a new look and feel! The Concussion Recognition & Response™ App Developed by Gerard A. Gioia, PhD, and Jason Mihalik, PhD The Concussion ...

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Now updated with a new look and feel! The Concussion Recognition & Response™ App Developed by Gerard A. Gioia, PhD, and Jason Mihalik, PhD The Concussion Recognition & Response™ app is a new tool that helps coaches and parents recognize whether an individual is exhibiting/reporting the signs and symptoms of a suspected concussion. The app allows a coach or parent to respond quickly and appropriately to this potentially serious medical situation. In less than 5 minutes, the user can go through a checklist of possible signs/symptoms to determine whether to remove the child from play and the need for further medical examination. The app allows users to record pertinent information regarding a child with a suspected concussion and share that information via email with health care professionals; it also provides a system for post-injury follow-up. With answers to Frequently Asked Questions for parents and coaches, this tool is an invaluable guide for learning about concussions. Benefits and Features: Concussion Recognition and Response Using information from the CDC’s “Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports” program, the app guides users through a set of questions to determine the likelihood of a suspected concussion based on observations by the parent or coach as well as symptoms reported by the athlete. In addition to the child’s name, age, gender, and sport, the location of the injury is tracked by the device’s GPS, and its camera can be used to photograph the injury. Along with the answers to the guided questions, this information can be emailed to a health care provider to provide accurate documentation of the child’s condition at the time of the injury. Home Symptom Monitoring (HSM) After following up with health care providers, the app allows a parent or caregiver to record a child’s symptoms through periodic evaluations, which are tracked in the hours, days, or weeks following an injury. The information compiled using the HSM can then be emailed to the health care professionals, providing an update on the child’s recovery. Return-to-Play Guide Based on information from the CDC, the Return-to-Play Guide helps to protect children and athletes from further injury by guiding them through a daily exercise routine that assists in their ability to return to play. Through a five-step, tiered workout routine and in collaboration with the child’s health care provider, parents and coaches can ensure that the child is able to handle added exercise without further injury or discomfort. Concussion Information The app’s concussion information section helps coaches and parents to make an informed decision regarding how to proceed after a child’s injury. Provided by authors Gerard A. Gioia and Jason Mihalik, concussion specialists from the Children’s National Medical Center and the Matthew A. Gfeller Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Research Center, this feature includes answers to Frequently Asked Questions for coaches and parents. Acute Concussion Evaluation (ACE) Post-Concussion Home/School Instructions Included with the app is a concussion overview page that users can share with other coaches, parents, or athletes. This overview, which can be sent directly from the mobile device via email, is an excellent way to share important information about how to recognize and respond to head injuries. In-App Purchases The Concussion Recognition & Response app allows you to customize the look-and-feel of the app with sport-related themes. Choose a theme that matches your team. Currently available for purchase are hockey, football, soccer, and lacrosse—with more coming soon!


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