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Conflict in Vietnam

The Vietnam War (1964-75) was one of the 20th century's most divisive conflicts. Emerging partly from Cold War tensions and partly from Vietnamese nationalism, ...

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The Vietnam War (1964-75) was one of the 20th century's most divisive conflicts. Emerging partly from Cold War tensions and partly from Vietnamese nationalism, the Vietnam War engulfed a nation, shaped a generation and had an indelible impact on attitudes, both in Vietnam and the West. Now, you can explore the background, causes, effects, events and people of the Vietnam War - all on your iPad! Conflict in Vietnam for iPad contains 33 chapters, written especially for this app by Alpha History authors and qualified historians (no public domain or Wikipedia content). Chapter list: 1. Vietnam before the French 2. European contact 3. Conquest and colonisation 4. French Indochina 5. Resistance to colonialism 6. Japanese occupation 7. Ho Chi Minh 8. The Viet Minh 9. Who shall rule? 10. The Cold War 11. First Indochina War 12. Dien Bien Phu 13. Geneva Accords 14. South Vietnam 15. Ngo Dinh Diem 16. North Vietnam 17. The Viet Cong 18. US involvement 19. Sino-Soviet involvement 20. Lyndon Johnson 21. Gulf of Tonkin incident 22. Escalation 23. Tet Offensive 24. The soldier's lot 25. My Lai massacre 26. Vietnamisation 27. Anti-war movements 28. Australian involvement 29. Peace talks 30. Capitulation and defeat 31. The price of war 32. Laos and Cambodia 33. Post-war Vietnam Each chapter contains an audio reading of the text, so you can read along or use Conflict in Vietnam for iPad as an audiobook. Chapters also feature great graphics and cartoons, hand-picked for their relevance and historical value. There is also a great range of support material, including embedded videos, a comprehensive timeline and glossary, a 'who's who' of the Vietnam War and a 'strange but true' trivia section. And if that's not enough, you can test your knowledge of the Vietnam conflict with 12 crosswords and multiple choice quizzes. Conflict in Vietnam for iPad provides casual readers with an accessible but detailed introduction to this pivotal 20th century event. It is also ideal for students, including: - IB, AP and other diploma-level History courses (US) - GSCE and A-level courses (UK) - VCE, HSC and other Australian Year 12 courses - undergraduate or college students seeking a easy introduction to the Vietnam War Watch out for more great History apps from Alpha History in 2012! For more information on conflict in Vietnam, visit http://alphahistory.com/vietnam/


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