Conjyr allows you to use your existing media to build powerful presentations, demos and tutorials that run like an App on your iPad. There are two parts ...

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Conjyr allows you to use your existing media to build powerful presentations, demos and tutorials that run like an App on your iPad. There are two parts to Conjyr: The (Free!) Conjyr App Creator Software, which is used by you to build your Apps, and the (also Free) Conjyr iPad App available on the Apple App Store. Conjyr Apps are built with our Conjyr App Creator software for Windows. This free software is available for registered users of (Registration is also free) and allows you to import Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations, image files (.png, .jpg,.bmp), .mp4 or .mov movies, PDF documents and Web Links and compile them as a content and menu driven presentation that can be transferred to your iPad in minutes, either through or iTunes. You are in 100% control of your App content and presentation, with no annoying Advertisements to spoil your presentations. Conjyr Apps are easy to use. The Navigation Menu allows you to jump to any section or topic without having to go through every slide. You can also associate an mp4 movie and PDF document with any slide to show supporting content without losing your place in the App flow. The Resources Menu allows you to add custom buttons for your email address, web site, Facebook or social page, and catalogue or other document. Sales professionals love Conjyr because they can convert their existing PowerPoints into dynamic iPad presentations. Imagine walking into your clients office with only your iPad. SHow your presentations anywhere: In the office, in the elevator, hallway or conference. The iPad boots in seconds, and you can quickly show the best parts of multiple presentations to your client while the other guy is still booting their laptop! Teachers and educators Love Conjyr because it turns their iPad into a multi media presentation device. Using Apple TV and a wirelss network, you can stream your apps to an HDMI or VGA capable projector or Promethean Board. ALlow your students to focus on the content of your presentations, and then let them download it to their own devices from Do It Yourself (DIY) Experts use Conjyr to make dramatic Step By Step tutorials on their favorite subjects and publish them online! Software Companies use Conjyr to develop promotional tutorials on how to use their products. Check out "WinCC Step By Step.." on the iPad App Store To see an great example. All content is NATIVE, not hosted somewhere on our website, so your users can enjoy it anywhere, even without an internet connection. Your Free Account allows you to download public Apps from, or create them using our free Conjyr App creator software and transfer them instantly to your iPad via iTunes. You can also transfer your Public Apps to and share them with the world! Your Paid Conjyr Corporate account allows you to have a private area in which to share your Conjyr Apps only with authorized users. These corporate apps will only run on registered iPad Devices, regardless of how they are distributed. If you want your own native iPad App to put right up on the Apple App store, Conjyr can also help you with that! Simply create your App using our Conjyr App Creator software, compile it and then send us a note. We can take your compiled App as is, prepare it for the Apple App store (as a free or paid app) using our Apple Account, or yours. All content remains native and Advertisement-free, so users can enjoy it anywhere. Please contact us for further details.


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Version: 1.12

Size: 37.71 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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