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“Connected Mind mindmaps make learning fun and memorable. Students like to play with the app and it provides adults a quick way of unlocking the information ...

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“Connected Mind mindmaps make learning fun and memorable. Students like to play with the app and it provides adults a quick way of unlocking the information in their world”. This newly released iOS7 app is revolutionising mindmapping. Do you want a mindmap that is quick to draw, fun and easy to remember? Do you want to be creative with your brainstorming but still have the underlying structure and discipline of a computer based mindmap? REVOLUTIONARY FREEHAND MINDMAPPING Connected Mind’s revolutionary freehand features quickly create unique mind maps. It’s just like using pen and paper to hand draw your mind map, but better! Connected Mind takes full advantage of iPad touch making it perfect for the freehand approach. You have complete control over the layout of the branches and shapes on your maps. Tap anywhere on a branch to reshape, press down to reposition on the canvas or quickly relink the branch to a new parent. Personalise your shapes with a rainbow of colors and fonts. SAFE AND SECURE IN THE CLOUD Save and backup your mindmaps in the Connected Mind cloud. It is free and ensures your masterpieces always stay safe and secure. Once in the cloud you can play with your favourite mindmaps on other iPads and tablet devices. View large maps with a desktop Mac/PC that has Connected Mind Chrome browser version installed http://goo.gl/4G0SJ. WHAT IS MINDMAPPING? Mindmapping helps you learn to visually organize ideas, words and images in a radial pattern around a central concept and link them in a way that is intuitive to you. Ideal for learning and communicating. HOW DOES MINDMAPPING HELP STUDENTS? To understand a new concept you have to analyze it’s patterns, structures, and connections. Capturing this information visually in mindmaps promotes better understanding, memorization, and recall. Connected Mind’s freehand approach encourages learning by making mindmapping fun and provides the structure to keep students on track. COOL FEATURES -- Draw with your finger or stylus to quickly create your mindmap -- Use Tap, Drag and Swipe gestures to change your mindmap -- Unlimited choice of colors with beautiful gradient fills -- 27 resizeable shapes -- 30 text fonts -- 38 text sizes -- Unlimited undo & redo -- Delete and rename mindmaps -- Tweet, iMessage or email friends your mindmaps -- Play with you mindmaps on any other iPad using the Connected Mind cloud -- View large mindmaps using the Chrome web browser version on a desktop Mac or PC TECH SPECS -- New for iOS 7 (not available on earlier versions) -- No initial account or login required -- Works offline and autosaves locally as you change your mindmap -- Uses Google signin to securely backup mind maps to the Connected Mind cloud -- Supports 2 factor authentication -- Pinch-zoom to zoom in/out -- Import Freemind mindmaps via the Chrome version


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.0

Size: 7.55 MB


Price: $ 0.00

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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