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Constant Reader (Reading List Manager)

Constant Reader is NOT an E-Reader, it's a Reading List Manager. You want to start keeping better track of all the books you've read, and Constant Reader ...

Discontinued App


Constant Reader is NOT an E-Reader, it's a Reading List Manager. You want to start keeping better track of all the books you've read, and Constant Reader will make that easier for you! If you're looking for a more social app, give Goodreads a try - but if you want a concise list of books by your favorite authors, the ability to backup your data to your own account without being subject to email spam, or any of the other great features Constant Reader has to offer - then this is the app for you. Constant Reader is available exclusively on IOS devices and is intended (and appropriate) for book lovers of all ages. This is the FULL version, but there is also a FREE version which is limited to 1 new title added per day (with 500 titles included with the initial load). Lead Developer Testimonial: Constant Reader is the app I had in mind when I decided to become an app developer. I listen to a lot of books and was keeping a text list of all my favorite authors, and starting to have trouble remembering if I had already read some books on my todo list. I thought ... wouldn't it be cool if there was an app that would make my favorites list and my todo list easy and fun? So, I got to work and Constant Reader is the result. Lots of extra features have been added since the initial release, and more are yet to come. Some of the new features were suggestions made by users on Facebook. I'm always open to ideas for improvements, so if you have any - let me know! Constant Reader features: · Comprehensive help pages · Select from 5 main modes: Reading Queue / Reading History / Favorite Authors / Favorite Books / Favorite Series · View lists in Coverflow or text list styles · Send text lists via email · Rate books on 5-star scale · Post to Facebook · View reading history visual timeline · Reorder reading queue · Add notes for any selection in any mode · Filter by author / book / series / date / rating / completion / genre / narrator / source / tense · Alter book / author / series details · View full author bibliographies (series/chronological or alphabetical order) · View Wikipedia entries for book / author / series · View collected notes for book / author / series · Customize book / author / series images · Add multiple images · View images in full-screen mode · Browse and add book titles from the web · Add custom titles · Backup and Restore data and images · Get suggestions for titles you may enjoy (based on your favorite books) and suggestions for titles you may have missed by your favorite authors · Create multiple user profiles Notes: · Ratings are cumulative based on read count · Bonus stars can be assigned to adjust relative ranking This app is dedicated to, and the app name is indeed an often used reference by the one and only Stephen King.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.2

Size: 15.07 MB


Price: 4,49 €

Developed by Constant Coder

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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