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Constellation for University of the Rockies

All the benefits of Constellation are available to you on the University of the Rockies Constellation iPad app. You already know that Constellation is ...

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All the benefits of Constellation are available to you on the University of the Rockies Constellation iPad app. You already know that Constellation is a suite of highly engaging course materials designed to help you master the instructional goals of Rockies degree programs, and these materials are custom-created specifically to support Rockies' curriculum. Now, everything you love about Constellation is even easier to use on your iPad. The Constellation App is free to any Rockies student enrolled in an online degree program and to all Rockies online faculty. Features HIGHLIGHT WHAT’S IMPORTANT Use our one-touch highlighting to easily emphasize key points. Many students find that highlighting text helps them to concentrate and enhances their understanding. TAKE NOTES Add a quick, one-touch note to write any question or comment that comes to mind. Add a note to respond to what you’ve read and help you remember and better understand the content. SUMMARY OF NOTATIONS You spend lots of time highlighting and creating notes. Use the Notations Summary to quickly access them. TABLE OF CONTENTS No need to swipe through the text looking for a special section to read. Use the Table of Contents to navigate directly to another chapter or section. PINCH & ZOOM Are you used to enlarging text on the iPad with pinch & zoom? No problem. Use it in Constellation to make reading easy for you. SEARCH Looking for a specific topic to discuss in your course, or for a paper you’re writing? Use our handy search feature to quickly locate the material that will help you complete your assignments. LAST READ SECTION Have to stop reading to take care of something else? No worries! Constellation on the iPad will automatically open to where you left off. POWERFUL VISUAL BOOK NAVIGATOR You saw a video in one of the chapters, but now you can’t find it? Our double-track Book Navigator is a visual table of contents that lets you swipe through an image of every page to help locate what you need. When you see the video image, just tap on the page and you’re in business! MULTIPLE BOOKSHELF VIEWS All your Constellation materials are stored on your bookshelf for easy access. On the iPad app, you have two bookshelf options: a short list view and a full icon view with a description of the materials. SYNC UP WITH THE WEB We know you’ll probably use Constellation on the web sometimes, so we made sure to take care of syncing the highlights and notes between the web and your iPad. All your notes and highlights will be available to you whether you access Constellation on the web or your iPad. Requirements In order to download or sync your Constellation materials, you must have Wi-Fi or 3G access. Once the material is downloaded, you can access it, regardless of your connection.


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