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Don't have time to read entire historical books and documents, but still want to know what the great men of history have taught about the principles of ...

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Don't have time to read entire historical books and documents, but still want to know what the great men of history have taught about the principles of freedom? With Constitutional Senseâ„¢ you can quickly read the words of notable people in history who supported and defended liberty. Their words are categorized into principles so you can quickly find the “meat and potatoes” of their thoughts on essential elements of freedom. TOOL TO END CIVIC ILLITERACY This is not just one of those quote apps that give you a happy thought for the day. Constitutional Senseâ„¢ is designed specifically as a resource and a tool to help you understand the principles that our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are founded upon. Each quote (we use this term looselyâ€â€some of the quotes are several paragraphs long) comes from an original source (or as close to original as we can get; most are generally from the 1800s) as much as possible to ensure accuracy and credibility. Get HISTORY. Get it from the SOURCE. WHAT DID THEY SAY? See what Baron De Montesquieu, John Locke, George Washington, Benjamin Rush, Thomas Paine, Calvin Coolidge and many more say about principles such as Individual Responsibility, Limited Government, Constitution, Republic, Religion and Taxation among many others. With over 50 quotes in the initial release, you can spend hours reading and pondering the words of these great men along with searching through the extra material included in the More Info section. FEATURES - Search by author, principle, or keyword. - Click the name of the author for a brief biography. - Use the More Info section of each quote to find additional materialâ€â€such as a CIA Fact Book page, text of a Revolutionary War song, or even videoclips from Ronald Reagan â€â€that relates to the principle. - Each quote's source is cited (just in case you want to read more). - Save your favorite quotes so you can refer to them again and again. - Share quotes on Facebook, Twitter, email or text to help your friends and family understand why freedom makes sense. - Free updates will include additional principles, quotes and features. LIKE LIMITED GOVERNMENT? YEAH, THERE'S A PRINCIPLE FOR THAT Each week a news story will be selected that shows either the proper or improper application of a principle of freedom. A quote that relates to this will be chosen as a basis for response, which will be written in the form of a letter to the editor on our Facebook page. The "editor" will be the author of the selected quote. A brief response from the “editor” will clarify the author’s position on the application of the principle. "Like" us on Facebook to join the discussion on the principles of freedom â€â€as seen in current eventsâ€â€in an open forum where dialogue and debate is welcomed! If you have any comments or suggestions please visit www.clevermountainmedia.com. Learn the REAL foundational principles of America and change the way you UNDERSTAND government.


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