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Construction Estimator comes in many versions,one version for iPhones and a version for iPads (it's called EstimateHD) and two versions for the Mac (U.S. ...

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Construction Estimator comes in many versions,one version for iPhones and a version for iPads (it's called EstimateHD) and two versions for the Mac (U.S. feet/inches and a Metric version) This version now includes Stairs. Construction Estimator is an easy to use estimating program to help a contractor or home owner estimate materials and cost of a project. The main menu of construction Estimator shows 14 functions to choose from. Construction Estimator does not have a set beginning point, you can start with any function. Each function has inputs that relate to the area to be calculated. After inputting the measurements press the calculate button. This will calculate and display the cost and the materials. These totals are remembered and saved in memory. Totals are also displayed in the totals form. After completing a function you can press the EXIT button. This will return you to the main menu.. Accuracy Of course, the degree of your estimates accuracy depends on a number of factors. A small project, such as an addition, will likely produce a very close estimate. A bigger project, such as an entire home, may incur unexpected costs (such as more joists for support) and unforeseen difficulties (such as hard soil or bad weather). Careful input, along with experience that gives foresight, will yield a more accurate estimate. Nothing is more critical to the success of a project than accurate measurements. While Construction Estimator can estimate the total lengths of wood and yards of concrete a project may involve, they are only estimates. To this, we offer two critical suggestions: 1. Cut wood to your specific measurements, not to the lengths estimated by this program. 2. Use your own judgment to add to concrete estimates. Unusual ground conditions and irregular dimensions make concrete estimates an imprecise science. It's better to have some left over than to run out in the middle of a project. COST FILE Fill in the current costs For your area And press the SAVE button. This will save the cost file. It will be loaded automatically each time the Estimate program is loaded. E-MAIL. Your estimate can be e-mailed by pressing the E-mail button in the totals form. You should save your estimate, Complete instructions are included within the app. There are no advertisements or extra costs, the app is fully functional.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.6.2

Size: 1.42 MB


Price: 3,56 €

Developed by MICOM Software

Day of release: 2011-10-4

Recommended age: 4+

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