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How would you like to be able compliment or complain directly to the CEO of a corporation? Well, now you can with ConsuList. Avoid the usual run around ...

Discontinued App


How would you like to be able compliment or complain directly to the CEO of a corporation? Well, now you can with ConsuList. Avoid the usual run around and go straight to the top. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today! ............... I got a response in 2 hours. Great App! “Sat on the runway at JFK for 2 hours, found this app while I was fuming on the plane. Sent an email to the president of US Air, and I got a response with a credit before I got to my hotel. Way better than waiting on hold for customer service.” - JC Edwards You’ve arrived at a well-known hotel for the first day of your vacation. Initial excitement fades fast when you realize that the room you booked is not the one you’ve been given the key for. Standing in the doorway, you wonder how the heck you’re going to sleep two adults and three kids in one king size bed. Back to the lobby you go, dragging your luggage and tired family behind you. After carefully explaining the situation to the service personnel behind the front desk, you await an apology for the mix up and expect a quick fix. But that’s not what happens, is it? No, instead you’re told that they have no reservation in your name for a family room. It’s going to cost you extra, if there is even one available. Fuming, you ask to speak to the manager, who does extend his regrets for the misunderstanding, but stands behind the upcharge to get you into a room big enough for all of you. Once you’re finally shown to suitable accommodations, you drop everything and send a note to the hotel chain’s president about the unacceptable service. No more messing around, you’re taking action; you’re going to the person who can do something about all of this! Thanks to having ConsuList, it only takes you a few seconds and you are able to do it right from where you are. With ConsuList on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you have the public contact data for the top executives of major corporations worldwide, right at your fingertips. Names, physical addresses, available email addresses, Twitter and Facebook accounts…it’s all in here for you to access with a simple tap. ConsuList is the easiest, most convenient way to file a complaint, or submit a compliment directly to the person who has the power to do something about it. Could be the president of a chain of companies, the CEO of an international corporation, or some other top executive of an organization. No more sitting on hold for hours and getting the run around from a customer service person who doesn’t have decision making privileges. Just in case you run into a really sticky situation, the app gives you a couple of extra tools to help you get your problem heard by the right people. Didn’t get a timely response? Let the second notice feature issue a reminder. Want to check a company or lodge a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau? ConsuList has you covered, with the contact information for every BBB in the U.S. and most of the BBB offices in Canada. To increase your chance of successfully communicating your point, the application even contains advice for offering praise and filing complaints. These valuable tips can be a big help! Just look at some of the convenient features you get in Consulist: * Easy-to-use consumer action tool * Provides a fast, portable platform for communication with companies across the globe * Comprehensive contact data for top corporation executives worldwide * Supplies physical addresses when email information is not available * Second notice notifications * Local Better Business Bureau contact details * Search for companies by name or industry * Tips for offering praise and filing complaints Go ahead and download ConsuList now, before you need it. That way, you’ll have the information at hand, no matter when or where you are.


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