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Consultation Room for New Employees (Japanese)

Consultation Room for New Employees (Japanese): Losing your Fear of the Office! [Condensed Version] This popular book, which is based on the content ...

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Consultation Room for New Employees (Japanese): Losing your Fear of the Office! [Condensed Version] This popular book, which is based on the content of our business etiquette website “Consultation Room for New Employees,” is now available in electronic book format! Information on the business etiquette and workplace common sense that new employees need to know is presented by a colorful cast of characters, through cartoons, illustrations, and comments. This condensed version contains 20 carefully selected themes. These include new episodes not available on the website, as well as many columns and cartoons that have been created exclusively for this book! This is the ultimate guide to business etiquette, and as such it is strongly recommended not only for new employees but also for job-hunting students! This book has been used as a new employee training manual by many companies! It also makes a great gift for someone who’s just found a job! [Contents] Introduction Cast of Characters Problem 1 Men should dress professionally!! Problem 2 Women should dress professionally!! Problem 3 I’m worried that my co-workers don’t like me Problem 4 What should I call my colleagues and superiors? Problem 5 Relating to younger colleagues who have been with the company longer than you Column 1 Others judge you more strictly than you do yourself Problem 6 Using formal expressions is difficult!! Problem 7 What is the correct greeting when you pass the boss in the hall? Problem 8 I get nervous when I answer the telephone!! Problem 9 How early should I arrive for an appointment? Problem 10 How early should I arrive in the morning? Column 2 A saint’s maid quotes Latin Problem 11 Is making tea and photocopies a woman’s job? Problem 12 Are private phone calls and emails always no-nos? Problem 13 Who gets in the elevator first? Problem 14 I hate drinking! Problem 15 Didn’t you say this party was bureikou? Column 3 People who get upset when they are reprimanded can never grow Problem 16 I’ve overslept! I’ve got a stomachache! I’m going to be late!! Problem 17 How much overtime should I put in? Problem 18 Just today, I’d like to leave early Problem 19 I want to use my paid vacation, but... Problem 20 I’ve got “May Fever” In closing This e-book is an electronic version of “Consultation Room for New Employees: Losing Your Fear of the Office! [Condensed Version],” published by DIGITAL SENSE CO., LTD.


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