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Are you preparing for an interview with a top Management or Strategy Consulting Firm? Interested in practicing your business diagnosis skills? Want top ...

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Are you preparing for an interview with a top Management or Strategy Consulting Firm? Interested in practicing your business diagnosis skills? Want top tips from the consulting experts? KillerCases contains high quality business case study materials, math questions, tips & tricks compiled by management and strategy consultants… all in a handy app to use on-the-go! # Ten business case studies featuring different concepts and industry scenarios (1 for free, others to purchase) # Detailed answers for every consulting question # Glossary of common concepts # Math practice questions # Tips and tricks ` # Video Examples # Access to Interview Coaches About KillerCases Case Studies – in depth 3 part questions covering a range of strategy questions from different industry scenarios including: restaurants, retail, industrial goods, non-profit, food products, biopharma, online gaming, renewable energy, computer hardware, computer software and finance. Inspired by real cases used by BCG, Bain & McKinsey. Glossary – 40 descriptions of common concepts including: price elasticity, customer segmentation, breakeven quantities, scale economies, barriers to entry, differentiation, network effects, private equity and valuation techniques. Math Practice – Math questions to test your mental arithmetic and knowledge of common concepts including: profit metrics, return on investment, growth rates, breakeven quantities and scale economies. Tips n Tricks – Advice on how to structure your answers, quantify what you can, get familiar with industry dynamics and recall the big picture. Sample Material Introduction – Two friends are interested in setting up a fast casual restaurant chain in London. The dining concept is “fast healthy Indian” food. They plan to start with one test restaurant and gradually expand the chain. The venture will be funded from their own savings, cash flow generated by the business and bank loans. Question – What is the market size for fast casual dining in London? Other facts: London population 7.5M, 1/3rd of people age 20-60 buy lunch out, people buy lunch 3x per week on average, average price of a meal 5 pounds. Basic Answer – # of meals = 3.75M (population assuming equal age distribution 0 – 80 years) x 1/3 (buying out) x 3 (meals per week purchased) x 50 (wks of the year) = 187.5M (approx. 200M) About Lamdin Labs Lamdin Labs is an independent app developer focused on interview practice and preparation materials for consulting and business careers. All content is devised and written in house, using knowledge from real consulting situations and business school case studies. Authors were all former consultants at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bain or McKinsey & Co and hold MBAs from the Harvard Business School . We have lived through the consulting case study interview process ourselves, very recently and remember what it was like! We are committed to helping you achieve success by providing quality materials and honest advice. In addition, we have all conducted many hours of coaching with real interview candidates for top consulting firms.


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