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DIAGRAMMING INTERFACE FOR CONTACT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. VIDEO PRESENTATION: The app "ContactNet" provides powerful capabilities to present relations between your contacts using diagramming interface. You can build graph of the family tree, organizational structure of the company, business relationships, circles of friends, acquaintance relations etc. FEATURES: ✔ Presenting contact relations using connected nodes on diagrams. ✔ Support of unlimited number of diagrams to present different "slices" of relations between your contacts. ✔ Resizable diagram sheet with scrolling if the diagram exceeds screen size. ✔ Support for both non-directional (symmetric such as "Friend-Friend") and directional (asymmetric such as "Parent->Child" or "Boss->Employee") relations between contacts. ✔ Unrestricted contact participation in diagrams: each contact can be presented in unlimited number of nodes on the same or different diagrams. ✔ Navigation between contact relations - take any contact and find all its relations then take any of the found contact and get all its relations again etc. The app remembers all navigation steps and provides ability to get back to any previous step(s) all the way down to the initial contact. Navigation feature groups all found relations for the selected contact by contact types. ✔ User-defined relation types using one-level or optionally two-levels (type/subtype) structure (For example, one-level relation type "Friend" or two-levels types "Relative/Parent", "Relative/Spouse", "Business/Partner", "Business/Employee" etc). ✔ Graceful handling of the contacts deleted outside of the app: such contacts are automatically recognized by the app, they do NOT disappear from diagrams and still can participate in contact relations navigation but get marked as deleted on participating diagrams. ✔ Full integration with Address Book providing capabilities to add, view, edit, search, delete and use contacts directly from Address Book. ✔ Phone calls and email/SMS sending tasks can be made right from the app. ✔ Support for Retina Display.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5

Size: 887.05 KB


Price: 0,88 €

Developed by TopLineSoft Systems

Day of release: 2010-12-13

Recommended age: 4+

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