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ContentMOBI is a mobile publishing platform developed by ContentActive, LLC. Its is used to enable business, agencies and service providers to provide ...

Discontinued App


ContentMOBI is a mobile publishing platform developed by ContentActive, LLC. Its is used to enable business, agencies and service providers to provide easy and effective communication to prospects, customers and end users. FEATURES: - Easy User Interface - WYSIWYG Editing - RSS & Social Media - Webpage Conversion - Analytics & Ads - Forms & Signup - Styling & Custom CSS - Multimedia Management - Mobile SEO - Realtime Phone Emulator - Mobile Widgets and Links - Click to Call / Click to Text DETAILS: Easy User Interface - Ease of Use was one of the most important parts of the ContentMOBI Publishing Platform. We designed the system to be easy to use, yet powerful with a feature rich set of functionality. WYSIWYG Editing - Mobile Page Editing has never been easier. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) - The system was created to utilize functionality similar to what you are used to; including additional features that make editing and maintenance quick. RSS & Social Media - Integrate your RSS feeds with ease to create a dynamic experience for your users with the most up to date information. Integration with Twitter, Facebook and Blogs are supported with the RSS format. Webpage Conversion - Convert your current website pages into mobile pages with our easy to use slider. Simply select the URL of the webpage that you would like to convert, then move the slider to gain the most optimum mobile rendering for that page. You can convert any page on the web to a mobile page within your mobile website. Analytics & Ads - Integrate your favorite analytics or Ad software with our support of Javascript for your mobile site. The publishing system provides support for adding scripts above or below the site as well as within mobile pages within the site to give additional control and flexibility of the mobile experience for the end user. Forms & Signup - Forms are easy to setup and are Emailed to the user of the site. Using the editor, forms are easy to create and support multiple fields of varying types. Allow your users to signup for an event or use them for generating leads. Styling & Custom CSS - Styling options within the system provide great flexibility in the overall design of the mobile website. Additionally, custom CSS is also available to provide for enhanced and custom designs for a true unique experience. Multimedia Management - Manage all of your mobile files using this tool, from documents to photos to video and audio files. Both the Link and Image tools from the WYSIWYG editor will allow uploading and categorization of files. Additionally folders can be created for further organization. Mobile Optimization - Allow your audience to find you when searching by specifying the correct META data within your mobile pages. The platform allows for setting the Title, Description and Keywords on a per page basis for all page types to give increased search engine index ability. Real-time Phone Emulator - With each Save of the system you are instantly aware of how your mobile phone will be viewed by your audience through the phone emulator. The system renders the pages differently depending on the mobile device utilized to give individual users access to the site. Mobile Widgets and Links - Get the most out of your site by utilizing available widgets in your mobile website, which is fully supported by the ContentMOBI platform, by linking to the specified widget, either from the main navigation or through the WYSIWYG editor. Click top Call / Click to Text - ContentMOBI allows for your websites to have the Click to Call and Click to Text function.


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Version: Version 1.0

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