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For years, the Cornell Note-taking System has helped students excel in school, and professionals excel in their fields. Now the essence of this powerful ...

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For years, the Cornell Note-taking System has helped students excel in school, and professionals excel in their fields. Now the essence of this powerful note-taking methodology is embodied in an easy-to-use iPad App. "Cornell Notes" is a note taking app for the iPad that has been adapted after this well known and widely used note taking system. The Cornell Note-taking System has been recommended by colleges and universities all over the world. "Cornell Notes" provides a large general note taking window on the right for entering notes from lectures, dispositions, court proceedings, interviews, client meetings, or study groups, and provides a narrower window on the left for entering general note summarizations, key points, recall cues, follow-up questions, etc. These note summaries (or Recall Notes as they are called) are organized into selectable cells that instantly index into the main text window (or Main Notes section), so that you can instantly index to the full notes behind each of your Recall Note summaries without having to scroll through your entire notes. You can edit both Recall Notes and Main Notes at any time, and adjust the reference within your Main Notes for each of your Recall Notes at any time. Although the Cornell Note-taking System was originally designed as a study aid for students, "Cornell Notes" makes it extremely useful not just to students, but to doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals by virtualizing and automating the process of efficient note taking and summarization on the convenient, lightweight, and highly portable iPad. Key features of "Cornell Notes" include: - Incorporates the Main Notes and Recall Notes sections of the Cornell Note-taking System. - Allows you to organize your note files into multiple nested folders. - You can enter your note files directly, or import them from other sources. - Print your note files in their standard Recall/Main side-by-side format using AirPrint. - eMail a PDF of your note files in their standard Recall/Main side-by-side format. - eMail your actual Cornell Notes editable file for others to review and modify as they wish. - Open and use standard text files from eMail, or open directly using the iTunes File Sharing feature. - Open your Cornell Notes text files with other apps able to open plain-text files using the "Open In" protocol. - Customize the left-hand Recall column title (default is "Recall Notes"). - Customize the right-hand Main column title to a static name, such as "Main Notes", or the current file name. - Turn main text auto-correction ON or OFF. - Independently set font sizes for Recall and Main notes from 14 to 28 points. in increments of 2 points. - Search through your Main Notes for any text, to help locate topics, subjects, keywords, and areas of interest. - Use iTunes File Sharing to copy notes or entire folders to your computer for back-up or to share with others. - Compatible with both the iPad's internal "soft" keyboard and most external Bluetooth keyboards. - Operates equally well in both Landscape and Portrait orientations. "Cornell Notes" has been specifically designed to be simple, straight-forward, and easy-to-use. We have forgone using an over-abundance of font styles, colors, photo taking abilities, etc. in favor of keeping the app straight forward and simple for its designed purpose. So, if you are looking for a really effective and efficient Cornell-style note-taking system, "Cornell Notes" is exactly what you are looking for. "Cornell Notes" is an independent iPad app not affiliated with Cornell College, Cornell University, the city of Cornell, MI, or any other Cornell named entity. The Cornell Note-taking System was originally developed at Cornell University in New York by professor Walter Pauk, who later wrote his best-selling "How to Study in College - Seventh Edition", by Walter Pauk, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2001. Make sure to check-out our "Flex Notes" and "Total Recall" versions too!


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