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** Developer note: This is the basic version that shows functionality, usage and 12 months of data for 2 tickers at a time. The newly released prosumer ...

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** Developer note: This is the basic version that shows functionality, usage and 12 months of data for 2 tickers at a time. The newly released prosumer version ReturnFinder has a feature of a tracking 'portfolio line' for up to 8 tickers, with a 20 year price history. Goog_Finance shows 1 yr only! The CorrectCharts Pro does not have the Portfolio line feature, but has no limit on the number of tickers. Customized for varying uses.** iPad and iPhone. A finance App that allows the user to plot Total Return charts that include both dividends and coupon interest, thus producing meaningful 'comparison' charts for Stocks, ETFs (Bonds, Currency, Commodities) and Mutual Funds. The App computes two types of point to point returns over any time interval as well. Instantly. {FYI, this App also serves as the Demo version for the portfolio plotting ReturnFinder App}. ~ Request: If you download the App please consider leaving a short review/rating on iTunes or at the FB page, we hope for some organic visibility, as that is pretty much the only marketing we will have. Thanks.~ Most major finance websites provide 'price return' charts only, thus excluding critical return information that can create the problem of inversion in performance ranking (when assets are compared) and potentially misleading comparison charts. This App fixes that. The chart date range is user determined and the user just enters tickers and a date range. One of the unique features of the App is that it can simultaneously plot the 'Total returns' as well as the 'Price returns' on the same ticker along with other tickers in the compare mode (use ON/OFF button), to instantly see the income yield differential. To the best of our research, no other App or website offers the combination of features that this does. The App covers both US and Global stock markets. The problem being rectified by the App has been written up in the WSJ (Dec 2011). There is more info on http://CorrectCharts.com and how to use the App. Demo vs FULL Version: While all functionality is retained in the 'Demo' version, it has a limitation of 8 cycles of use per day, max of two tickers and a max time span of 9 months. In the Full version there are no such limitations (earliest date 1987). The App has been designed and developed by a US-German team that includes professionals with credentials in quant Finance (PhD) and mobile computing. The App is being downloaded globally (Australia, Switzerland, France, Finland, Sweden, Peru, Mexico, Thailand, UK, China, Turkey, Israel, Portugal, Germany, Taiwan, Greece, Canada, New Zealand, USA...), we appreciate your interest. Please take a minute to rate this demo App on iTunes or FB - your feedback is of much value, Thnx.


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