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Cosmetology Exam Review cosmetology Board Exam Course

Cosmetology Exam Review cosmetology Board Exam Course. 100% nonprofit apps. 100% of your purchase price will be donated to find a cure! Course covers: CHAPTER ...

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Cosmetology Exam Review cosmetology Board Exam Course. 100% nonprofit apps. 100% of your purchase price will be donated to find a cure! Course covers: CHAPTER COSMETOLOGY & YOUR PROFESSIONAL IMAGE Cosmetology: Your Professional Image & your knowledge Counts: Personal Hygiene: Be polite to your clients: Ergonomics & your body: Chapter Glossary Terms CHAPTER COMMUNICATING FOR SUCCESS Communication: Human Relations: Meeting and Greeting New Clients: The Consultation Area: How to Communicate with Co-Workers: How to Communicate with Managers: Chapter Glossary Terms CHAPTER INFECTION CONTROL PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES Infection: Types of Potential Harmful Organisms: Bacterial Infections: Immunity and Prevention of Infection: Natural & Acquired Immunity: Doctrines of Prevention: Chapter Glossary Terms CHAPTER GENERAL ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY Anatomy & Physiology: Cells: Cells Basic Structure: Cell Reproduction and Division: Cell Metabolism: Tissues: Nine Major Body Organs: Few Main Body Systems & their Functions: Bones: Ear: Nose: Mouth: Nerve Cell Structure & Function: Blood: Arteries Capillaries Vein Composition of Blood: The Immune System: Main Participants of Endocrine System: Hormone Pancreas: Ovaries Testes Chapter Glossary Terms CHAPTER SKIN Skin: Melanin: Collagen: Essential Nutrients for Body: Carbohydrates Vitamins Fats Proteins Minerals Water Five Basic Food Groups: Vegetables Fruits Milk Meat, Poultry fish, and Beans Vitamins that Helps the Skin: Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Chapter Glossary Terms CHAPTER SKIN DISORDERS AND DISEASES Skin disorders: Skin Lesions: Cyst Macule Nodule Tumour Scar Ulcer Sweat Glands & Its Disorders: Anhidrosis Bromhidrosis Hyperhidrosis Miliaria Inflammations and Common Infections of the Skin: Conjunctivitis Dermatitis Eczema Herpes Simplex Impetigo Psoriasis Pigment Disorders of the Skin: Albinism Chloasma Vitiligo Hypertrophies of the Skin: Mole Wart Acne & Problem Skin: Acne Chapter Glossary Terms CHAPTER CHEMISTRY Chemistry: Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Matter: Elements: Atoms: Molecules: States of Matter: Solid Liquid Gas Solution: Solute Solvent Emulsion Alcohols Ammonia Silicones Potential Hydrogen (pH): Ion Ionization Acids and Alkalis: Acid Alkalis Chapter Glossary Terms CHAPTER BASICS OF ELECTRICITY Electricity: Electric Current Conductor Insulator Electric Circuit Electrical Measurements: Volt Ampere Ohm Watt Electrical Safety Devices: Fuse Circuit Breaker Electrotherapy: Electrode Polarity: Polarity Anode Cathode Light and Its Various Forms: Light Electromagnetic Spectrum Radiation Radio Waves Microwaves Wavelength Heat & Energy: Heat Energy Catalysts Lasers: Laser Chapter Glossary Terms CHAPTER HAIR AND ITS STYLES Hair: Twist Procedure: Braiding Hair Style: Rope Braid Fishtail Braid Basic Cornrows Wigs and Hair Additions CHAPTER CHEMICAL TEXTURE SERVICES Chemical Texture Services: Amino Acid Content of Hair: Cysteic acid Arginine Proline Valine Isoleucine Phenylalanine Aspartic acid Serine Glycine Cystine Leucine Lysine Threonine Glutamic acid Alanine Methionine Tyrosine Histidine Test Curl for a Permanent Wave: Apply Thio Relaxer to Virgin Hair: CHAPTER HAIR COLOURING, PATCH TEST & HAIR REMOVAL Hair Color: Hair Texture Hair Density The Primary Colors: Red Yellow Blue Secondary Colors: Green Orange Violet Tertiary Colors: Patch Test: Toner Application: Hair Removal Contraindications: Permanent Hair Removal: Electrolysis Eyebrow Tweezing: Eyebrow Waxing: Chapter th, th, th Glossary Terms CHAPTER FACIALS Facial: Contraindications in Facial Treatment: The Types of Skin: Oily Skin Dry Skin Normal Skin Acne Massage & Mask Techniques: Basic Massage Manipulations Electricity, Electrotherapy & Aromatherapy: Foundations, Concealers & Face powders: Chapter Glossary Terms


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