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Cost Index is an app designed and developed by airline pilots, for airline and corporate aircraft operators. It enables, and has been proven to achieve, ...

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Cost Index is an app designed and developed by airline pilots, for airline and corporate aircraft operators. It enables, and has been proven to achieve, significant operational savings. Cruise flight conditions are input by the pilot, then complex algorithms calculate an exact cruise speed which will result in the minimum possible cost for a flight. i.e the optimum cost. Calculations are performed using a tailored aircraft specific data model and customer specific operational costs. Pilots can vary flight level, wind, temperature, weight, and sector cruise distance to find the optimum indicated airspeed and/or mach number. Time difference between optimum cruise speed and minimum time speed can be displayed. Pilots can modify the optimum speed either directly or by decreasing/increasing the time difference. This functionality allows a speed to be selected that will achieve an on-time arrival should this be an overriding factor in the operation. Information displayed on the "Cruise Speed" and "Detail" pages can be customised for the operator. There are over 150 parameters that can be displayed on either of these pages, which can be constructed so that crew do not see any sensitive operational data. As an operational planning/costing tool, all parameters can be made available within the administrator account. For sector lengths approaching the maximum operating range of the aircraft type, a speed for minimum fuel burn is calculated. This speed is better than long range cruise as it takes into account the wind component. When the app detects buffet margin data, a turbulence button is displayed that increases the buffet margin from 1.3g to 1.6g if selected ON. "Level Change" provides unique functionality to aid crew when deciding whether to climb or descend for operational reasons such as turbulence or strong headwinds. There are two features. The first displays the difference in total costs, fuel burn and time, for each flight level when compared to the selected flight level (all other variables the same). The second feature displays the wind required at each level to break even with total cost when compared to the selected level. The flight level with optimum total cost, which is usually the highest achievable level, is highlighted in black with green text. "Downloads" gives the ability to force data updates, although the app will attempt to update it's operational data once it becomes 24 hours old. The number of days since the last update is displayed on the "Downloads" tab badge and also the app icon badge to remind pilots to update the data whilst on the ground. The page has a message area which can display text entered by the administrator. It could be used to promote a flight efficiency programme by giving crews feedback / updates on real savings achieved and tips on new efficient operating techniques. The "Settings" tab is only available to administrator accounts. Its use is for updating operating costs but also includes some customisation functionality. For demonstration purposes, the app has four downloadable sample data sets which contain fictitious data. The following devices are supported: iPad, iPad Retina, iPhone, iPhone Retina 3.5-inch, iPhone Retina 4-inch and iPod Touch. To setup an account for your operational fleet, please contact Flight Efficiency Limited. For more information email:


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2

Size: 3.55 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Flight Efficiency Limited

Day of release: 2013-07-17

Recommended age: 4+

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