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Count It Easy is a learning game developed by WebTeam Corporation to assist parents and special educators in teaching basic counting skills to children ...

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Count It Easy is a learning game developed by WebTeam Corporation to assist parents and special educators in teaching basic counting skills to children with autism. The colorful, animated app is built on the principles of applied behavior analysis aka ABA. In the gameplay session, the child is shown different animals and is asked to count the number of animals being shown. Each screen appears with n number of a single animal, together with three answers one of which is right. The ABA method of intervention necessitates positive reinforcements on correct responses. Whenever the child makes a correct response, an animation is played as a reward of his or her performance. In the app settings, the user can opt for training; set time and specify question order. There is an option called ‘Question Intro’ enabling which activates the sounds animals make. The basic purpose of this feature is to familiarize children with various animal sounds and offer them some fun as they learn. Total score for a particular session is displayed at the end of an activity. The user can like or share the score on Facebook/Twitter, and may also rate the app on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. ***About WebTeam Corporation*** WebTeam Corporation (WTC) is a technology-driven company based in Somerset, NJ, working in areas of special education, staff augmentation and customized software development. Founded in 2006, WTC specializes in leveraging the potential of touchscreen technology to improve the lives of children with autism. SHANESH COLORS - the company's patent pending technology - offers a cost-efficient supplemental intervention option to parents, teachers and professionals involved with the autism community worldwide. WebTeam Corporation has been working closely with top industry experts and service providers, and is constantly on the lookout for breakthrough autism research. The goal of the company is to develop an affordable, holistic, synchronized and consistent education model capable of tapping the latest mobile technology to make the overall experience of learning and development stimulating, enjoyable and effective for special children. KEYWORDS - Autism, ABA, ABA Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, intervention ASD, learn, shanesh, colors, individualized, kiosk, tablet, early intervention, supplemental, aspergers, syndrome, autism spectrum, social skills, emotional, learning, developmental disabilities, IEP, Assessment, learning disability, children with autism, direct Instruction, DI, autistic, prompt, prompting, individualized, custom, Early Intervention, Individualized Intervention, webteamcorp, shanesh, webteam, count it easy


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