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Course For Dreamweaver 101

7-Hours of Dreamweaver Tutorials. Design and build complex web sites with confidence and style…let Dreamweaver Master Geoff Blake show you how! Whether ...

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7-Hours of Dreamweaver Tutorials. Design and build complex web sites with confidence and style…let Dreamweaver Master Geoff Blake show you how! Whether you’re building a simple web page or a complex site, Dreamweaver CS5 is the industry-leading web authoring tool that will help you get the job done. In this tutorial, web design master Geoff Blake demystifies Dreamweaver CS5 by breaking down the basic principles of web design, and showing you how to get the most out of this powerful tool with concise, easy-to-follow instructions. After mastering the Dreamweaver interface, you’ll learn to define and organize a site, create web page layouts, use CSS to add style and functionality to your site, work with HTML code, manage text, and work with images to create an engaging web presence. From there, you’ll explore advanced techniques like flowing text around images, working with online forms, and using hyperlinks and tables. In his enthusiastic and fun loving way, Geoff Blake, delivers a comprehensive look at the vast array of web design tools in Dreamweaver CS5. So join Geoff and learn everything you need to know to begin designing awesome websites using Dreamweaver CS5! Table of Contents: 1. Welcome to Dreamweaver CS5 2. A Look At the Welcome Screen 3. Touring the Dreamweaver Interface 4. Customizing the Interface 5. Using the History Panel 6. Using the Snippets Panel 7. Exploring Other Panels, Part 1 8. Exploring Other Panels, Part 2 9. Exploring Other Panels, Part 3 10. Using the Tag Selector 11. Saving Dreamweaver Workspaces 12. Viewing Code 13. Creating New Documents 14. Saving Files 15. Defining A New Site 16. Touring the Files Panel 17. Managing Multiple Sites 18. Arranging Your File Structure 19. Previewing Your Work 20. Understanding Page Layout Options 21. A CSS Float Primer: Floating, Part 1 22. A CSS Float Primer: Floating, Part 2 23. A CSS Float Primer: Using Clear 24. Inserting the Layout's Header 25. Reviewing the Code 26. Inserting the Menu Container 27. Setting Up the Main Content Area 28. Inserting the Footer 29. Reviewing the Layout's CSS 30. Centring the Entire Layout, Part 1 31. Centring the Entire Layout, Part 2 32. Inserting Text Into the Layout 33. Inserting Structural Headings 34. Creating Numbered and Bulleted Lists 35. Inserting Special Characters 36. The Three Basic Types of CSS Rules 37. Creating and Applying A Basic Style 38. Touring the CSS Rule Definition Dialog 39. Editing CSS Rules 40. Formatting HTML Headings 41. Redefining Bulleted and Numbered Lists 42. Creating Class Rules, Part 1 43. Creating Class Rules, Part 2 44. Understanding Padding vs. Margin 45. Moving Internal Styles to An External Style Sheet 46. Viewing & Working with an External Style Sheet 47. Connecting & Disconnecting A Style Sheet 48. Editing & Creating New Rules Externally 49. Understanding Graphic File Formats in Web Design 50. Setting A Graphical Background 51. Controlling Background Repeating 52. Inserting and Formatting Images 53. Controlling Images with Overflow 54. Controlling Images with CSS 55. Applying Alt & Title Text to Images 56. Dreamweaver's Image Editing Commands 57. Resizing Graphics in Dreamweaver 58. Editing Images with Photoshop 59. Using Smart Objects 60. Setting Hyperlinks for Text and Images 61. Linking to Other Web Pages 62. Linking to an Email Address 63. Formatting Hyperlinks 64. Inserting Tables 65. Inserting Content & Formatting Tables 66. Creating Image Rollovers, Part 1 67. Creating Image Rollovers, Part 2 68. Finalizing the Menu 69. Wrapping Up


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