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Media management in Final Cut Pro X has been simplified, automated, optimized and streamlined. In this tutorial you’ll learn everything you need to know ...

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Media management in Final Cut Pro X has been simplified, automated, optimized and streamlined. In this tutorial you’ll learn everything you need to know get your media into the project, organized and ready for cutting! Guess what? No more waiting! FCP X lets you start processing and editing your clips even as they’re being ingested! But that’s only one of its amazing new features ... In this tutorial, Michael Wohl explains how each clip is analyzed for its content, shot type and image stability. What’s cool is that all your audio is checked and corrected for noise and hum too. This means no more exporting to other audio programs and searching for esoteric plugins to fix pesky sound issues. It’s all done for you in Final Cut Pro X, and Michael shows you how to take control and optimize all of these amazing features. But that’s just the beginning ... FCP X’s real power lies in its advanced media recognition and organization features. MIchael explains everything in extraordinary detail including the cool new "ingestion" features for digital and tape-based cameras, DSLR, and iMovie. From there, he moves on to cover everything you need to know about Range-Based Image Stabilization, keywords, the Filmstrip and List views, clip auditioning, clip metadata, custom file naming, using folders, grouping clips, and much, much more! Join the enjoyable and knowledgable Michael Wohl as he takes you through all the “media” features of Final Cut Pro X . And don't forget to keep checking back for our whole line of Michael Wohl’s Final Cut Pro X tutorials which are in production and scheduled for release in the weeks ahead: Overview and Quick Start Guide Media: Ingesting and Organizing Editing in the Magnetic Timeline Advanced Editing Techniques Working with Audio Titles, Effects and Compositing Color Correction Techniques Exporting and Sharing Your Work Table of Contents: 01. Introduction 02. Ingest from Camera 03. Background Ingest 04. Ingest Settings & Options 05. Ingest from Tape-based Camera 06. Ingest from DSLR 07. Background Tasks 08. Import iMovie Events 09. Importing Video Files 10. Synching Audio and Video 11. Organizing Events 12. Merging Events 13. Creating and Deleting Events 14. Transcoding & Analysis 15. Stabilization Keywords 16. The Event Browser 17. Playing Clips 18. Auditioning Clips in the Event Browser 19. Marking In and Out Points 20. Marking Favorite and Rejected Ranges 21. Filtering & Removing Ratings 22. Adding Keywords 23. Additional Metadata 24. Custom File Naming 25. Searching & Filtering 26. Creating Smart Collections 27. Keyword Collections 28. Using Folders 29. Filmstrip View 30. Grouping Clips 31. Grouping in List View


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