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Illustrator excels when it comes to working with Vector objects, but in order to make great art with vectors, you need to understand how to create objects ...

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Illustrator excels when it comes to working with Vector objects, but in order to make great art with vectors, you need to understand how to create objects and type in Illustrator. This tutorial shows you how ... This comprehensive 3-hour tutorial shows you all aspects of working with vectors in Illustrator CS5. The tutorial starts with an exploration of what objects are, showing you how to group and layer objects to make your graphical items. Next you'll discover methods for transforming objects to change their appearance in your image. You'll also explore color, gradients, and patterns as you fill your objects to create texture in your graphics. The tutorial finishes with a detailed exploration of working with tip in Illustrator CS5. You'll learn how to create path text (text around objects) styling and formatting text, and changing text orientation for vertical and off-axis text effects. Table of Contents: 01. Introduction 02. Grouping Objects 03. Aligning and Distributing Objects 04. Expanding Objects 05. Understanding Stacking Order 06. Using the Draw Behind and Draw Inside Modes 07. Introducing Layers 08. Moving Objects Between Layers 09. Hiding and Locking Layers 10. Combining Layers 11. Creating Template Layers 12. Creating Animations with the Layers Panel 13. Targeting Layers to Receive Effects 14. Moving and Nudging Objects 15. Scaling and Rotating Objects 16. Repeating Transformations Multiple Times 17. Using the Transform Each Dialog Box 18. Using the Transform Panel 19. Using the Reflect and Shear Tools 20. Using the Reshape Tool 21. Distorting Objects with the Free Transform Tool Cop... 22. Using the Pathfinder Features 23. Using Clipping Masks 24. Changing Fill and Stroke Colors 25. Choosing Colors 26. Using the Swatches Panel 27. Reapplying Color with the Eyedropper Tool 28. Shifting Colors with the Recolor Artwork Dialog Box 29. Applying Gradients 30. Using the Interactive Gradient Tool 31. Creating Custom Patterns 32. Rotating Patterns 33. Transforming Patterns 34. Setting Transparency 35. Flattening Transparency 36. Using Opacity Masks 37. Rasterizing Objects 38. Understanding Anti-Aliasing 39. Introducing the Symbols Panel 40. Using Graphic Styles 41. Using the Eyedropper Tool to Apply Attributes 42. Using the Type Tool 43. Fitting Type to a Custom Area 44. Wrapping Text Around an Object 45. Adding Type to a Path 46. Using Type on a Path Style Options 47. Threading Paragraphs of Type 48. Selecting and Formatting Type 49. Accessing Glyphs 50. Checking for Spelling Errors 51. Adding Words to a Custom Dictionary 52. Finding and Replacing Text 53. Setting the Character Formatting Options 54. Setting Paragraph Formatting Options 55. Using the Vertical Type Tools 56. Changing Type Orientation 57. Converting Type to Outlines 58. Conclusion


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