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Learn the upbeats and downbeats of NI`s cool studio drum machine in this “crash” course from the talented music producer and macProVideo.com ...

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Learn the upbeats and downbeats of NI’s cool studio drum machine in this “crash” course from the talented music producer and macProVideo.com trainer, Toby Pitman... Studio Drummer is a rockin’ drum machine! Join Toby Pitman as he shows you everything from it’s GUI to some awesome programming tips that will make your drums tracks rock! This tutorial starts out with up-close look at the Kit, Mixer, Grooves and Options window where all the programing magic happens. Next, there’s a deep dive into the Session, Stadium and Garage kits that explains all the cool sounds, articulations and multi-samples. Next, Toby “kicks” it up a level with a detailed look at the mixer with it’s insert effects and reverbs. You’ll learn how to create and save Instruments, Channel settings and Mixer presets. From the you’ll explore Studio Drummer’s flexible output section. You’ll learn about the Bus Architecture, Output Assignments. There’s even an informative video on creating Stems. In the next section,Toby gives up some of his secret drum articulation tips to help you create more realistic snare, hat and Cymbal tracks! And, if that wasn’t enough, there’s even a cool video on integrating Studio Drummer with Maschine! Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Grooves Window 3. Options Window 4. Kit Window 5. Mixer Window 6. Session Kit 7. Stadium Kit 8. Garage Kit 9. Insert Effects 10. Reverb 11. Channels 12. Mixer Presets 13. Saving Instruments 14. Bus Architecture 15. Assigning Outputs 16. Setting Up Logic 17. Creating Stems In Logic 18. The Snare 19. Hi Hats 20. Cymbals And Chokes 21. Controlling Ambience 22. Maschine Integration


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