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Cowbears "I Love Mud" HD

“..the songs are terrific” - NAPPA Awards “..great…promotes literacy” - Lisa Cohen, Registered Early Childhood Educator “Adorable” - Christopher ...

Discontinued App


“..the songs are terrific” - NAPPA Awards “..great…promotes literacy” - Lisa Cohen, Registered Early Childhood Educator “Adorable” - Christopher Keenan, Creating4Kids The perfect “first app” - so easy to use! ****Fully supports the retina display of the new iPad**** Works on all iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices "I Love Mud" is a 'Singing Story' - a new kind of App kids can play on their own. “It is a great interactive story that promotes literacy and creativity, hand/ eye coordination and fine motor skills. Children work independently as Uncle Wooly provides direction and clues as well as verbal confirmation when they succeed. Cowbears also encourages creativity when children are invited to "play in the mud" and create their own masterpiece. It fosters decision-making skills for young children. I highly recommend Cowbears as an interactive app for children 2.5-5 years of age.” - Lisa Cohen, Registered Early Childhood Educator HIGHLIGHTS: •Designed for young children, no menus or words to touch - just pure entertainment. •Original songs by legendary Capitol Records producer Ken Kahn. •Whimsical Cowbears characters - Renowned illustrator Amye Rosenberg has sold over 15 million children’s books worldwide! FEATURES: •Kid-safe with no violence. •The perfect ‘first App’, age 2 to 5. •Soundtrack’ quality audio. •Read-along text. Kids learn to read faster when the words are set to music. •Engaging interactive stories to encourage passive and active learning. •Paced narration teaches clear pronunciation. FIND THE TOYS IN THE BATHTUB Help Uncle Wooly find the ball, the turtle, the boat and the duck floating in the bathtub. The boat toots and the duck goes ‘quack’. Hey, you’re really good at this! CAN YOU MAKE MUD? Touch the watering can to pour water on a pile of dirt, then mix it up with your finger, and touch the boot. Watch it drop and go SPLAT! There’s mud all over the screen! BUILD A MUD BEAR! It's the only Mud Bear in the whole world and you built it! Story: Mama and Papa Bear have to go on a honey hunt and they leave their little cubs Teddy and Honey with Uncle Wooly at his ranch on Cowbear Mountain. Teddy and Honey love Uncle Wooly. He rode the trail before there were cars or computers, and he’s 150 years old! They play in lots of gooey mud and when it’s bedtime at the ranch Uncle Wooly sings a beautiful lullaby about the Old West, with a big moon over the open plain, wild horses and even a covered wagon. Become a Cowbears fan on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kidscowbears Follow Cowbears on Twitter: @kidscowbears


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