Crack the safe!

Crack the safe! Is an entertaining little game for almost any age respectively the whole family. The task and the goal of this game is to get as quickly ...

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Crack the safe! Is an entertaining little game for almost any age respectively the whole family. The task and the goal of this game is to get as quickly as possible in the correct number combination to the safe door to enter to solve the 3-point locking system and even the safe is cracked easily. The challenges to be overcome, is the time pressure with a maximum of 30 seconds, each time changing the keyboard layout and the whole opening of the 3-point locking system. In the high score table you can find your own record if you manage under the best 7th. For younger children, it's learning to read reaching the winning numbers, find the keyboard difficult to use again and the vault lock properly. For middle and older people solves the game show any undesirable properties such as, stress, nervousness, impatience, and despair to anger. Have fun, just a game! Features: After starting the app, you are on the welcome page with the tab-navigation bar with 4 screens. Under "P" such as Play You can play the following functions: a The blue button "Go!" start the game and the running time of 30 seconds now. b. Tap with your new keyboard left the generated code number correctly in the right number pad. c. Top of the screen you can see the time course run graphically. d. bottom of the screen you can see the 3000 run hundredths. e. Then you have the 3 different sliders positioned in the direction from left to right push to the maximum. f. Open the safe door "open" with the green button. Have you done it? g. Depending on the success or failure of the error message appears in the display number, as well as the audio effect. h. A new game due? Use the yellow button "reset" you can put back all the values ​​and numbers. In "Hi" as you can cause high score following functions: a. In the 7 text boxes you see the top 7 played records sorted by time. b. You can at any time the table after your game up to date bring blue button "update table". c. or delete all records and the times set back with the yellow button "reset my table" d. played the records go off when the iPhone is not lost because they are stored in the cloud with Apple. Under the "O" as the options you can adjust the following functions: Under a "sound event" you can view the winners or losers music on or off. b. "Key click" you can click the buttons sound at different locations on or off. c. Under "Slieders enable" you can view the 3-point locking system for the game on or off. d. All settings and changes are documented on the Status screen. e. Under the "i" info as you can find information about the author.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 5.25 MB


Price: 0,84 €

Developed by Urs Scherrer

Day of release: 2013-01-9

Recommended age: 4+

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