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Create a Room Remember kindergarten, the overwhelming lists of everyday objects to memorize? Thanks to Do2Learn, learning objects around the home doesn’t ...

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Create a Room Remember kindergarten, the overwhelming lists of everyday objects to memorize? Thanks to Do2Learn, learning objects around the home doesn’t have to be so difficult for your children. Create a Room teaches fine motor skills to children as they take on the role of home decorator. Perfect for toddlers and also children with special learning needs such as autism, this app has children carefully select each object. Once chosen, they must figure out its proper place. Four rooms are included – the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, and the dining room – each one filled with several colorful objects. Your children can be cunningly creative, even a bit kooky as they replay and rearrange each interior ensemble. The learning opportunities are limitless, so you might have to stifle a laugh when your child places the Candlestick on top of the Grandfather Clock. When touching each object, a voice sounds out the name in English while the written word appears underneath. This reinforcement allows children to learn each noun at their own pace. With no end game and no incorrect answers, the possibilities for Create a Room are vast. Designed by educators, illustrators and game innovators, Create a Room features: •Careful pronunciation of each household object with continuous captioning •Infinite varieties of room configurations •No scoring and no objectives – a judgment-free learning zone •Fine motor skill training for dragging small objects •A pastel palette for a soothing home environment •Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, and Dining Room all included for a complete home makeover Now, children can learn while making four special rooms of their own. About Do2Learn For over fifteen years, Do2Learn has provided engaging, interactive programs for children – we are hardly the new kids on the App Store block. Our tools have been used in classrooms in all fifty states and in most countries around the world. Do2Learn provides not only learning songs and games for children but also transition guides for employment and life skills for those with special needs and special abilities. Though effective for everyone, our games also help children with autism, attention deficit, and other disorders discover true academic success. Do2Learn’s goal is to apply the latest learning styles to develop solutions that parents and teachers can use in their daily lives. Staffed by a team of educational and technical experts, our apps reflect cutting-edge techniques. We employ grant-funded teachers and researchers. Our programs are evidence based, funded by national research centers, and backed by solid research studies. But most importantly, we listen to parents and design apps to make their lives easier. Our apps are safe, educational distractions, perfect for when you’re trapped in a busy airport or check-out line. Do2Learn respects the challenge and the joy of learning. Kids love our games, and we know you’ll love to see them learn. Do2Learn supports our results with widespread endorsements from state, federal and global educators. Check out our testimonials, publications, and research studies located at


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Version: 1.1

Size: 5.61 MB


Price: 1,83 €

Developed by Do2Learn

Day of release: 2012-07-9

Recommended age: 4+

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