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Cromocon System - Contrast and visibility prediction calculator Email the team at cromocon@gmail.com for free access to information and assistance on ...

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Cromocon System - Contrast and visibility prediction calculator Email the team at cromocon@gmail.com for free access to information and assistance on all aspects of our products and software. Design and build with the Cromocon App. This easy to use software helps construction companies, access consultants, architects and designers meet the needs of the visually impaired - calculating decisions on contrast and visual accessibility. The app ensures you comply with DDA and Part M recommendations to achieve best practice. The App checks the visibility of objects, elements and text for visually impaired people (VIP) by providing data for design and build professionals. The iPhone platform makes this software available to a wide range of professionals. Contrast between adjacent surfaces helps VIPs to see things clearer. Professionals in the design or building industries need an easy calculator to assess the factors that will deliver accurate contrast specification. Contrast is one of five interdependent factors; - Visual Ability (VA) of the people with low vision - Contrast between two surface light reflectance values - use a Cromocon meter to measure this - Lux level of lighting in the vicinity - Dimension of the object against a background - Distance of the object from an observer. Research has shown that these key factors all contribute to visual accessibility. The App delivers data across these 5 factors and gives a result on whether an object, text or element, is Visible or Not Visible for 93% of people who have low vision. A screen shot showing the result of the calculation can be emailed from your phone. One of the App’s 5 factors is a fixed default; the VA Group, set to include VA 4 and above (the visual ability group refers to the level of vision that visually impaired people have). The Lux Level can be changed, but it is set initially at 400 (a well lit room interior with some artificial and daylight sources). Tapping the 5 factor icons on the left of the screen will bring up their descriptions to aid the new user. The remaining three factors are Contrast, Dimension and Distance and these sliders are moveable like the Lux level. At the foot of the screen is, the result of the calculation panel - VISIBLE or NOT VISIBLE. You can move the sliders on the app towards either the + or - and check whether this changes the result. Moving the Lux, Contrast, Dimension and Distance sliders alters the result. If Not Visible is shown, tapping the result panel will bring up a list of Suggestions and one of them can be selected by tapping Try, to change the result to Visible or the user can manipulate all these numbers to create the desired specification. Pressing the Menu button and the On/Off switch on the iPhone simultaneously takes a screen shot of the screen and sends a report on the result to the iPhone Photo Roll. The image can then be sent to an email address. Purchasers of the downloadable app will be entitled to any upgrade of the software developments and further versions. Support and advice for users is always available at info@cromocon.com


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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