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Cronacle Mobileâ„¢ connects IT administration and operations staff to Cronacleâ„¢ and SAP CPS, the job scheduling and process automation solutions from ...

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Cronacle Mobile™ connects IT administration and operations staff to Cronacle™ and SAP CPS, the job scheduling and process automation solutions from Redwood Software. Business-critical processes running on enterprise servers can be, for the first time, easily and reliably managed from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Cronacle Mobile provides: - PIN protected remote access to multiple Cronacle or SAP CPS servers - View and respond to operator messages - Dashboard view of overall workload and number of executing or queued processes - Submission and resubmission of jobs - Drill down from job chains into child jobs - Access to job output and log file data - Viewing, stopping and starting process queues and locations 
With Cronacle Mobile you can actively manage your business processes anytime and anywhere. Requires Cronacle v8 or SAP CPS for SAP NetWeaver 7.0, release M28.18 or later. For job submission and job chain and event viewing, release M33.6 or later is required. The "Cronacle Mobile Users Guide" can be downloaded from the “Cronacle Mobile Support” link below. Free registration as Redwood member required. For information about the Cronacle Mobile Alerting Service, Redwood’s unique integration of workload automation with the Apple Push Notification Service please visit


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