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Business Process Modeling has never been easier than with Cubetto BPMN on iPad and iPhone. You are able to create process models in no time due to the ...

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Business Process Modeling has never been easier than with Cubetto BPMN on iPad and iPhone. You are able to create process models in no time due to the specially designed Process-Flow-Wizard, whether you are in a meeting or on the train. Model your business processes with the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) 2.0. Cubetto BPMN supports all notation elements and, furthermore, lets you manage your models in folders. The results can be exported as PDFs into other applications, sent via e-mail or printed on any AirPrint supported printer. Cubetto BPMN provides an English, German, Russian, Spanish and Chinese user interface and the option to store your models in multiple languages. *** Do you know Cubetto? Next to BPMN our Swiss Army Knife of Business Process Modeling supports all other modeling languages without the necessity of In-App Purchases. *** *** Important Note to Cubetto EPK / Flow / Mind / UML users *** If you are already using one of these versions and you are interested in the BPMN version, you can purchase this comfortably via in-app purchase. Just select the plus sign and "BPMN" in the upper left corner to add to your Cubetto. Diagram Types - Full BPMN 2.0 support with all notation elements - Collaboration diagram - Choreography diagram - Conversation diagram - Mindmap Features - Auto-Layout of all diagrams, no manual positioning! - Process-Flow-Wizard for faster modeling - Undo / Redo during modeling - Clear managing of your models in folders - Create custom attributes for each object type - Search for objects inside a project - Create copies of diagrams and projects Interface Features - Universal App: Runs on iPad and iPhone - English, German, Russian, Spanish and Chinese interface - Multi-language storage of your models - Portrait and landscape support - Multi-touch Zoom Export - PDF, PNG, JPG (into other applications or as e-mail) - XHTML (tables of all objects) - BPMN XML - Cubetto XML (data exchange with other devices) - iTunes folder - iCloud - Dropbox In-App Purchases - EPC: 2 ARIS diagram types (Event-driven Process Chain, Organizational Chart) - Flowchart: 3 diagram types (Flowchart, Organizational Chart, Process Landscape) - Nodes & Edges: 1 custom diagram type - UML: 3 diagram types (Use Case, Class and Activtity Diagram) Support If you have any questions, ideas or problems regarding Cubetto BPMN please feel free to contact us via


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Version: 4.0.4

Size: 15.63 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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