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Love to learn? Pick a topic, and get ready to explore the best of the web in one of our interactive web-booksâ„¢. Unlike aimlessly browsing the Internet, ...

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Love to learn? Pick a topic, and get ready to explore the best of the web in one of our interactive web-books™. Unlike aimlessly browsing the Internet, you will see your knowledge clearly progress with the help of narration from our expert authors. Vivid images and YouTube videos right in the pages will ensure this is the least boring book you have read! The Curated Text bookshelf features titles as diverse as the Internet itself (see examples below), and new books are released each week. Plus, for the first time, CT makes great information like Wikipedia articles available to **read offline**! We offer many complete books FREE, but hope that you find our premium titles interesting and buy a few to support our authors and our vision for web-books. There is no better investment than in learning! A sampling of our books include… - Travel Books: American Landmarks, Wonders of the World, See Italy, See Rome, See Florence, See Cinque Terre, See Milan - Science Books: The Apollo Space Program, Artificial Intelligence, Space Colonization and Exploration, The Internal Combustion Engine, Artificial Intelligence - Lifestyle Books: Veganism, Famous Philosophers, Miracles of Modern Day - Music Books: Music of the 60s, The Beatles, Pink Floyd - Business Books: Social Networking, Commodity Trading - Misc Books: Doomsday Theories At Curated Text, we believe the Internet is best experienced when a human (preferably a passionate expert) separates all the good stuff from all the noise. We hope Curated Text changes the way you learn from the web!


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