Pilcrow, Dagger, and Copyright: A Writer’s Symbols, Characters and Toolbox Cymbol is a convenient, quick app offering more than these features: ✓ ...

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Pilcrow, Dagger, and Copyright: A Writer’s Symbols, Characters and Toolbox Cymbol is a convenient, quick app offering more than these features: ✓ Integrated full-function editor ✓ One-tap editing without searching code tables for writing, mathematics and science ✓ Copyright ©, Registered Trademark ® and Standard Trademark ™ ✓ Service Mark ℠ and Phonogram (Audio Performance Trademark) ℗ ✓ Text Marks: Pilcrow (paragraph) ¶ and Section § ✓ Daggers † and Double Daggers ‡ ✓ Most common package design such as ♻ plus ✂ with key hechsher marks Ⓚ, ℗ and Ⓤ ✓ A full set of subscripts and superscripts ➛ Calculus and statistics such as μ σ ᴨ χ ∫ ∆ ✓ Fifty-eight (58) direct access buttons curated in addition to the iPad keyboard ✓ Easy Hex⇒Unicode conversion like poke for Unicode ✓ Full keyboard ✓ One button “Copy All”, “Clear”, “Save” ✓ Compatible with Keynote, Mail, Notes, Numbers, Pages and many other apps ✓ Great for package and label copy, too! This iPad App is part of Apple's Volume Purchase Program - VPP. Cymbol, an iPad app providing fast, easy access to symbols, special characters, and scripts used in scholarly, business, and legal content, is now available from Choose from special characters that are an adjunct available in addition to the iPad’s onscreen keyboard. The Cymbol app saves text sequences, provides Unicode conversion and much more. With a primary slant toward snippet editing and management, Cymbol is useful for package design or label copy, also. Use Cymbol to compose a brief amount of text with those special symbols to identify a product, company, footnote or a branding message. To use Cymbol on your iPad, insert the special character that you need in your snippet text. Cymbol provides common symbols such as the pilcrow (¶) and section symbol (§), copyright (©), trademark (™), text glyphs such as the number abbreviation (№) and other typography used in online and print content. The application includes full sets of subscript and superscript numbers used in math, chemistry, and physics documentation. Cymbol provides unique functionality for the iPad. A snippet editing and management tool, the app has been designed by writers for writers, providing fast, easy access to special characters not currently available on the iPad’s onscreen keyboard. On the app’s ready scratch pad, put and save a variety of enhanced character sequences to paste into your next class assignment, product review, legal document, marketing plan, or package design. Unicode conversion capabilities is perhaps the most powerful function offered by Cymbol. In Cymbol, you are able to quickly convert arbitrary hexadecimal code sets of four digits into any supported font output of the base character sets within iOS. Thus, you can add any iOS-available character in your text snippets. If the included glyphs are not enough, you can also translate 4-character Unicode direct to glyph if supported in the target font. "Copy All", "Clear", and "Save" commands let you easily manage your snippets, making Cymbol a handy scratch-pad for frequently used text. Cymbol is designed by writers, for writers, to be fast and productive. Example shown is an ammonia and a bicarbonate formula with this enhanced Cymbol edition. 1. Type in NH + HCO 2. Cymbol has a subscript 4 on the right so it shows NH₄ 3. Then type xᐩ located in the Superscript row after that so it shows as NH₄ᐩ 4. Next NH₄ᐩ + HCO 5. Cymbol has a subscript 3 on the right so it shows NH₄ᐩ + HCO₃ 6. Then type in xᐨ located in the Superscript row after that so it shows as NH₄ᐩ + HCO₃ᐨ 7. Net result is a cation NH₄ᐩ + anion HCO₃ᐨ as "NH₄ᐩ + HCO₃ᐨ" in the final chemical description Upcoming releases will include more capabilities.


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Version: 2.0.2

Size: 75.15 KB


Price: 1,69 €

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Day of release: 2011-02-9

Recommended age: 4+

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