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The complete collection “Laudi del cielo, del mare, della terra e degli eroi” of “the Vate” and the love poems collections “Canto novo”, “Intermezzo di ...

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The complete collection “Laudi del cielo, del mare, della terra e degli eroi” of “the Vate” and the love poems collections “Canto novo”, “Intermezzo di rime”, “Isaotta Guttadauro”, “Elegie romane” and “Poema paradisiaco”, together in a sublime braid of emotions, passion and sensuality from the poet who has left an indelible mark in the literary and political history of Italy. More than 200 poems, from the famous "Pioggia nel pineto” and “La sera fiesolana" to other, perhaps less known but surely not less immersive, ever capable to communicate the passion that the poet was able to infuse into each of his verses. This is another annoteBook by Dathlon for iPad, with a new version optimized for the “magic” tablet. The reader has been redesigned to make full use of the screen’s real estate, and maintains all the functionalities already present in the iPhone version. With the new engine the reading experience is more involving, while the powerful functionalities of the applications can be used in a more simple way. For instance, you can produce a PDF document for a single poem with your notes, and send it by mail. Or you can exchange your notes with your friends. Unique in its features: • Index of poems. • Personal notes can be written for each verse. • Notes can be saved on a computer/copied from a computer (in this way they can be transferred to another copy of Leopardi annoteBook). Requires wi-fi connection. • Automatic bookmark: by reopening the application you will be automatically repositioned where you left the reading. • Unlimited annotable bookmarks on single lines. • Word search, with powerful search engine. • In-application e-mail of the of the books, also in PDF format, with the option of including the personal annotations! • Easy reading with a choice of font sizes. • Choice of background page color for reading under different light conditions Please note: The work is only in Italian.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 7.5 MB


Price: 2,69 €

Developed by Dathlon

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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