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APP UPDATED FOR iOS 6 and iPhone 5. ---------------------------------- Help your child learn the sight words using Dr. Gary Brown's DTT Words! Sight ...

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APP UPDATED FOR iOS 6 and iPhone 5. ---------------------------------- Help your child learn the sight words using Dr. Gary Brown's DTT Words! Sight words are the first words that your child should learn to recognize. This version of DTT Words includes 39 sight words for preschool children. Each word can be spoken by either a male or female voice, and then your child can select the word from a list of words shown on the screen. Additional word packs (kindergarten, first, second and third grade) are also available for purchase. This version also includes a free nouns demo pack. Future versions of this app will include the option of downloading even more word packs. (This app is currently English only.) This app has been tested extensively in Dr. Brown's clinic with children who have autism, ADHD, and other developmental disorders. DTT (Discrete Trial Training) is not a children's game. It is a therapy based on years of scientific research. DTT is the primary teaching method used in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach numerous pre-academic and social skills to children with autism. This app can be used to help teach sight words to children with autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD), or attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). The apps also can be used by any child who has trouble staying on task. Finding the right therapy for a child with autism can be overwhelming. Only Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has years of scientific research proving its effectiveness and is recommended by The National Institute of Mental Health and the Surgeon General. But caregivers quickly learn that well-trained therapists in ABA are expensive and hard to find. During my forty years of clinical experience as a Licensed Psychologist I have tried to provide low-cost ABA resources for caregivers so they can do their own ABA. ABA and DTT increases your child's likelihood of being mainstreamed, increases happiness, and gives you hope. Be sure to check out our other apps: * Autism Colors * Autism/DTT Shapes * Autism/DTT Letters * Autism/DTT Numbers * Autism/DTT Animals * Autism/DTT People


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