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DVD Shelf - Track the DVDs you own and the DVDs you wantOrganise your DVD library, scan DVDs directly into your shelves.New to version 5.5* Scanning support ...

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DVD Shelf - Track the DVDs you own and the DVDs you wantOrganise your DVD library, scan DVDs directly into your shelves.New to version 5.5* Scanning support for newer devices* Fixes to some lookups* New 2-part barcode scanning options* New layout for settingsNew to version 5.4.4* Fixes to (index=0...) problems* Optimizations to wifi scanning during connect devicesNew to version 5.4.3* Fixes to recover lost custom fields* Fixes to scan and search* Fixes to 2-part barcode scanning* Give your DVDs: - Title - Star Ratings - Release Date - Series Name and Number (even allows numbers such as 1a or 1.5) - Actors - Image - Genre - Description - Characters - Wanted / Owned / Read tags - with icons - custom sequence number for sorting - Color the title - Add more custom fields or hide existing fields* Scan Barcodes - supports continual scan and add, with adjustable focus interval - automatically looks up info for scanned Barcodes's - library mode scanning* Edit your details - quick update fields in the list/grid view via multi select or the context menu - shrink unused fields in the edit view - track who you've loaned your DVDs to* Home Screen - Direct access to your favourite list - set any list as a favourite - Can change your startup screen* Multiple views - sort your shelves by title, series, author, date released and rating, sequence - per shelf - view just DVDs that are wanted, not owned or not read or any other tag - view images in your list - view DVDs in a list or grid format - per shelf - changable icons on the screens* Lookup information - supports standard and in-depth searches, region order can be changed in settings - control what level of internet connection is required for various searches - both us and uk sources - Lookup up all info on a shelf in one go - Download missing images on a shelf in one go - Scan a Barcode or type a title and then search directly on the internet* Transfer DVD data - transfer data and shelves between devices - full sync options* Export and Import Shelves - multiple export and import formats: csv, xml and txt (tab separated) - export all fields or just main ones - export directly to email or the clipboard - files saved to/read from SD card for easy access - import prevents duplicates (via Barcode), or allows them - map file fields to your fields during import - save anywhere requires a file system app such as 'File Manager' or 'Astro'* Search your DVDs for any text field - control which fields can be searched in settings - fully integrated with quick search (will need enabling in global search options)* Store an image for your book - take a photo - select an image - type a url for the image * Many maintenance options, in the menus and in the settings - set default values for common main fields - add, rename, move, delete shelves and DVDs* Customize the fields - add other fields that you want - hide the fields you don't want to see, including most pre-defined fields - can be renamed or changed to take multiple values - edit the values for a field, including delete, merge, clear and rename* Backup and restore - full back up and restore to the sd card - automatic backups - restore settings and data seperately* SD Card Support - move the application - store the images on the SD card - hide the images from the gallery viewerPermissions required:Full Internet - for data transfer, information lookup (and ads)External Storage - for exports and importsCamera - for scanning BarcodesStart at Boot - for intialising auto backup (if turned on)Bluetooth - for transfering dataPlease email all suggestions or queries (and problems) to dionhardy200@googlemail.com


Technical specifications

Version: 5.5

Size: 2.48 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Dion Hardy

Recommended age: 4+

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