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Dance Party Zoo

✩FizzBrain's "Look in My Eyes" series featured on "60 Minutes" October 23, 2011!✩ ............... "This is a fun app and my son loved it. The dancing ...

Discontinued App


✩FizzBrain's "Look in My Eyes" series featured on "60 Minutes" October 23, 2011!✩ ............... "This is a fun app and my son loved it. The dancing pig…too cute. Dance Party Zoo had him up and moving." Many children need practice in balance, coordination and rhythm. Dance Party Zoo is a fun way to get it! This fun dancing game helps children practice basic motor and balance skills. How do you play? Children begin by selecting a zoo animal for their dancing avatar. Then they can choose a dance tune from their iPhone or iPod's music library or play a favorite song on a boom box. After the music starts, children hold or pocket their iPhone or iPod Touch and dance away! After dancing, children sit back, watch and laugh - as their avatars replay the dance! A colorful and easy-to-understand graph gives children feedback about how well they did at keeping an even rhythm. Blue bars that touch the mid-line show perfect rhythm, while bars above or below the mid-line show body swings that were too fast or slow. Kids can play a one-person game against a random zoo animal or they can play a two-person game with a friend, sibling or classmate. In the two-person version, children compare their dance graphs as their avatars dance alongside each other. Since many children are still developing sportsmanship skills, the game includes a non-competitive option where there is no winner and all players are congratulated for their good effort. Dance Party Zoo is designed for all children who enjoy dancing, as well as those who need practice in motor and balance skills. This includes children on the Autism spectrum or with Asperger's Syndrome, and other children who benefit from physical and occupational therapy. Dance Party Zoo provides practice in rhythm, balance, timing, and coordination. It can also serve as a rhythmic aid in reducing stress and anxiety. But most important of all, it's lots of fun! See how it's played on YouTube:search YouTube for Dance Party Zoo. Reviews for FizzBrain apps: "Great Idea! ............... My 5-year-old autistic son loves playing with my I-Phone and I've downloaded many different games for him. As soon as I downloaded Look In My Eyes it became a new favorite. He loves playing it. His eye contact is definitely improving. I'm not sure if I can give sole credit for that to this game, but the game sure doesn't hurt! Great game!" "Well Done! ............... My 7 year old really enjoyed this app. At first he resisted making eye contact but eventually turned his head and was so excited when he would get the answers correct. Not only does this game help with eye contact but with number recognition which is a struggle for my little guy. Thank you FizzBrain and please keep up the great work!" "Fantastic Game! ............... My son has autism and I have tried many other games for him to play on my iPhone. Some hold his interest for a short while, but many do not. This game is definitely one that did from the start!" "Another Fantastic Game, Highly Recommended ............... Thank you once again FizzBrain, for creating another great tool to help teach eye contact! My son loves this game even more than the garage/car version (which is saying something!). I highly recommend this to everyone out there looking to help their autistic child!" "Great game, awesome rewards ............... It's often difficult to get our kids to reference our face, especially the eyes. The items for purchase are very cool and can be moved/ resized/ repositioned in lots of ways." We love this! ............... My son LOVES dinosaurs, so this is a very motivating way to introduce awareness of eye contact. I do not push the eye contact issue in real life, so this is a subtle way to remind him that the eyes hold information and are important to notice, without pressure." Check out our other eye contact and social skills games on iTunes - search for FizzBrain or go to FizzBrain.com!


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